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Aktywni i Skuteczni w Europie wolnej od uprzedzeń
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"The active and effective in Europe free from prejudice"is a project carried out by the School of Economics in Poznan, and it is a part of a series of projects entitled "Active and effective" planned for the years 2015-2020.Project assumptions are compatible with community, national and regional legislation, and its objectives correspond with the Europe 2020 Strategy and horizontal guidelines for the years 2014-2020. The project also refers to the European School Development Plant, which assumes, among other things, the creation of conditions for students to actively participate in the European labor market in an intercultural society. There is also an identified, real need to strengthen the professional profile of students from the Complex of Schools of Economics to experience working abroad and its confirmation by a relevant certificate (Europass Mobility). The project is targeted at forty third grade students learning in the following occupations: economic technician, information technology technician, tourist service technician, and advertisement organization technician. Participants will, apart from having very good results in science, be characterized by an impeccable behaviour, creativity, openness, motivation to travel and enthusiasm for teamwork.On 02.07.2017 – 22.07.2017 students will leave for a three-week training period. Among the current second grade students learning to become information technology technicians and tourist service technicians 20 students will be selected who will participate in a training in Spoleto, Italy. The training shall be co-organized by the former partner of the school – Azzurra. Among the current second grade students learning to become advertisement organization technicians and economic technicians 20 students will be selected who will participate in a training in Portsmouth, UK, organized in cooperation with a newly acquired partner – Training Vision, which joins the project group.The applicant, through proposed linguistic, cultural and educational support before the trip, will provide comprehensive preparation of the participants to take part in international internships. During internships, the students will keep on co-creating a blog and post pictures on Instagram. Thanks to these modern and youth-familiar mass media, the idea of European internships within the Erasmus+ program will reach a large number of young people. During the stays in Italy and the UK the participants will also work on a task entitled "Young immigrants start working", and its results will be published in a booklet. It will also include reports on the stay, guidance for future participants, interesting memories, a collection of professional vocabulary, etc.The implementation of the project will provide participants with the opportunity to learn new practical skills and professional competence, linguistic and social abilities.The methodology used for the implementation of the project is a combination of theory, practical exercises and tasks previously prepared to be performed. These activities will be supported by a mentor acting on behalf of receiving and sending organization, and include: discussions, games, consultations, creative tasks, tests, teamwork, role play and video projections. Independent work on own portfolio and individual presentation will improve self-esteem of the participants.The experience gained in Italy and the UK will make people realize that mobility, initiative, entrepreneurship and innovation are the keys to succeed professionally. Creativity understood in this way will make students have a better chance to successfully enter the European labour market, as well as meet the requirements of Polish employers waiting for young workers to have experience in the intercultural work environment abroad. Due to the increasing globalization and the situation in the world, knowing English is not only important but what is also important is familiarity with other, not just European cultures. That and the knowledge of people and their traditions help to eradicate prejudice against people of other backgrounds.We expect that the project will result in personal development of participants who, through joint work on project tasks, will strengthen and develop the ability to come up with an alternate and peaceful solutions to conflicts, and will become more open to other cultures, which is very important in the era of recent events in Europe.
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