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Start date: 04 Aug 2014, End date: 03 May 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project „Active for community“ aimed to support youth policy reform through establishment of structured dialogue between young people and relevant institutions and stakeholders responsible for creation and implementation of youth policy in the city of Sisak. The target group were young people, age up to 30, active in civil society organizations and Youth Council of the City of Sisak, as well as representatives of relevant public institutions in the city, active members of Advisory Board of Youth Information Centre Sisak. The main project activities were: Research about youth needs and priorities for providing youth support in Sisak; 3 Focus groups; Promotional project activities; Evaluation and Reporting. Also, according to the goal that we set, with the organization of the central activities '' Focus groups '', we have opened a dialogue, not only between youth representatives (in this case, representatives of civil society organizations that work with and for young people), but also with the relevant institutions (their representatives) and representatives of the Youth Council of the City of Sisak. Through implementation of main activities, with which we encouraged the dialogue and discussion on a given topics, we have influenced the creation of priorities for funding measures of Local youth program through developement of an ''Action Plan'' in which we have described the priority areas and priority measures in relation to the problems and needs of young people on local level. Opinions of more than 600 young people about youth needs and priorities for providing youth support were collected and analysed. The problems and needs of young people in this community were determined by analaysing the total of 610 questionnaires, that covered one third of the total population of young people age from 15 to 30 years, in the city of Sisak and with that we have enabled young people who did not participate in the implementation of central activities direct participation in proposing priorities acording to which youth policy was created. As an example of good cooperation with the local and regional governments, we have emphasized implementation of ''Research '', which was conducted under the title "The social situation of young people and the importance of active participation of young people in society in Sisak ". The research covered three main issues: 1st The needs of young people in the City of Sisak, 2nd Are young people informed about youth policies at the local level and 3rd Participatin or young people in the processes important for them in the local community; whose answers were used in the implementation of main project activities. In this context, we have encouraged young people to actively participate in their community, and we pointed out the fact that the young people of that age play an important role in building the present and future Europe. During the implementation of main acrivities, we discovered the unexpected commitment of the city and county leaders in the process of proposing and adopting local youth policy which is certainly one of the most important result of this project. An action plan with priorities and measures for addressing youth needs and problems was created that later served as the ground for official policy document – Local programme for youth in the city of Sisak, with great impact on quality of life for young people and their active participation. Information about the project was widely spread through various channels. The ''Action plan'', created within this project, have been used by the City of Sisak to create the youth program for the period 2015 - 2017 and as such, unanimously adopted at the session of the City Council of Sisak 22.05.2015.
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