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Akran Zorbalığı ve Bütüncül Okul Yaklaşımı
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Nov 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

PARTICIPANT PROFILE: Kastamonu Orhan Saik Gokyay teachers from all disciplines who provide training for primary school in the 4th grade 1.2.3.v may take place as participants in our project. Project participants have the experience we have at least an undergraduate education in the industry. A total of 26 participants will benefit from our project staff.PROJECT AIMS:Project owner Elementary School 4th grade students in 1.2.3.v training to ensure that teachers understand the Peer Bullying grip,The biggest success in preventing bullying peer learning to provide holistic school approach is to examine practices in EU countries.MOBILITY INFORMATION: The project has a total of 26 staff participants from 13 institutions in 14 days for observation visits to our partner primary status in Hungary; Will hold a 12-day mobility for training partner for our training activities in Germany14-day visit to Hungary operates 12 day observation cultural activities + 2 + 2 day weekend travelGermany operates 8 day training course 12günlük + 2 day travelSPECIFIC GOALS: What happens Where bullying and what should be done to prevent it?Wrong perceptions about bullying, what are the beliefs and attitudes?Individual, family, and what are the causes of school?What are the consequences of bullying behavior?What is a holistic school approach is provided in what way?Holistic approach school teachers, how the training of administrators and parents, what are the responsibilities? It is to learn the answers to their questions.Expected impact on participants:• Holistic approach to learn about the EU approach to the prevention of tyranny Peer school approach• effectiveness in the fight against peer Zorbalığı'yl will examine examples of primary level applied in EU countries• The school administration and parents will gain the competence to take measures that will guide the priorities for the prevention of school bullying after adoption,• The students' applications and benefits for the holistic school before they have gained awareness of the society,• will examine the measures taken in the EU for before school,• take language courses and will improve foreign language proficiency statement with no practical experience abroad.Expected impact in the participating institutions:• Schools in and around schools and help teachers in increasing the security measures to be provided,• unwanted conduct related to the contract made with the students in the classroom and student discipline will be provided to increase the participation of placement classes,• Create a safe space may be taking security measures in these areas which determine the field of bullying,• To increase the security on the street, could organize training to support communication with the family and school,• If you encounter problems with students the appropriate methods (conflict resolution, problem solving, anger management) will be given to activities aimed at gaining the skills to use in the annual planning,• Corporate M.E.B. Special Education and Guidance Services General Directorate of Education and Prevention of Violence Reduction will acquire competence in media studies to contribute to the realization of the activities.
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