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Start date: 30 Aug 2016, End date: 29 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The probable beneficiaries will be formed by 2 companions and 20 students from automative electro mechanics in Hopa Vocational Education Centre. The main aim of the highway transportation system is to transport the people and goods in a safe and efficient way. The cars and other vehicles carrying load and passangers bring great comfort in inner city and out of town transportation. However, the highway transportation in our country and the whole world became very important social problem because of traffic accidents , the safety of people in the vehicles, the demages of the vehicles, the deterioration on the ways . That’s why, the designators in automative sector spend effort for protector measures in order to prevent the accidents, but if it is not possible, to reduce the casualties after the accidents. The important thing is human life whether the reason for the accident is the driver’s or the vehicle’s defect. Therefore, in developed countries state politics were improved and obligatory stantards were determined about the safety of the vehicle and passenger. The conscious consumers in our country started to take the criterions about the safety of the vehicle into account even there is no working about this in our country. The electronic safety systems in automatives offers the measures to raise the driving safety and life safety during the accident. We can divide our current safety systems of the automative world into two groups as active and passive. Passive safety includes of the whole structural and designing features to reduce the demages of the accident as much as possible. Safe belts, air bags, isofix connection, lights opening automatically, the park sensors, the resistant passenger part, rain sensors, day lights, rearview mirror darkening automatically are the systems of passive safety. Active safety systems are clever systems helping the drivers by increasing the driving safety. These learn the condition of the car and way by means of sensors, apply their own algorithms to the datum they obtain, and interfere the vehicle equipments if neccessary by working the deciding mechanisms. Anti-blockade break system(ABS), electronic differential lock (EDL), electronic break power distribution (EBD), electronic motor hitch control(MSR), electronic spinning prevention system( ASR), electronic stabilization program (ESP), tiredness detection system, lane pursuit assistant can be given as examples to the active safety technologies. As a result of these devolepments about the vehicle safety , in automative sector the need for qualified personnels happens to detect and repair the defects of of the active and passive safety systems, to assembly the devices and adjust the calibration of these systems. The young target of our project can’t find enterprices which haven’t got equipment and knowledge they can develop their vocational abilities. This case makes difficult the employment of our beneficiaries in the sector. We aim with this project to make easy the employment and the competition of the beneficiaries by removing their disadvantages in this point. Our beneficiaries will also gain the conscious of EU citizenship by developing the abilities of working and living together, and communicating the people from different cultures. If our project is supported by the National Agency, it will be carried out of even dates as two mobilities. Within the scope of our project which will be performed between the dates 15.04.2017-30.04.2017, 10 students and 1 teachers in Germany and 10 students and 1 teachers will be subjected to vocational educational in Czech Republic by our recipient partners.
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