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Akcióterv a lemorzsolódás és érdektelenség felszámolására
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

These mobility projects are vital for our institution. Our town is very small and altogether eight schools are struggling for the declining student number in it. We also feel the vacuum of Budapest, when it comes to the number of students. However, there are new threats to make our survival even harder, such as attrition, early school leaving and the threat of exclusion from the international market. Our school is a health vocational school and it is very difficult to motivate our students toward this despised, neglected, marginalized profession to choose. It is also very difficult to find a partner in the international market, to cooperate with us. The international mobility gives us a lifebelt. Thus, opens a window for us, to find our place, as a competitive and required vocational school of the area. Our Headmistress noticed the new and evolving challenges of the 21st century. She decided that it is time for the internationalism to become part of the everyday life of our school. She leads the way. She and one of our colleagues signed up for a school management course. Two other teachers decided to open towards the health subject, so they gain some important and useful new knowledge that we can build in to our everyday life. We hope that our teachers will develop competences and trough them they will see the needs of our school, the potential of the world. These teachers would open the windows for our students to the international market; with this action they will create the future for them and for our school. We know that as long as the teachers do not see the benefits of international relations, they will not understand the essence of student mobility. Therefore, staff mobility is a priority for us, to learn and develop good practices and to give better opportunity to our students. Moreover there is the importance of language skills too. This year we had to suspend our professional English language classes, because of the unmotivated students. It is a grave danger, and we must do something so it would not happen again in the next year. Professional renewal is required. We believe that with new methods and knowledge we would gain, the school would stay on the right track and we would be able to motivate our students in the future. We also know that the teachers' renewal will bring a new approach to teaching and learning, which will make our institution more successful and will give future for us.
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