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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The “Sensory Integration” Seminar, as scientific training, is considered of high importance according to the strategic targets set in a school environment, due to the fact that it upgrades and modernises the existing school programs, resulting the significant development of many functions and systems of this program’s recipients that are absolutely necessary for the improvement of their everyday life. The objectives of the project concentrate on the overall functionality of the Sensory Integration room and the use of its scientific equipment from scientifically trained therapists who are specialized in covering needs through modern therapeutic programs applied on the school children. This seminar offers to the participant therapists (3 people) a retrospection of the Sensory Integration as well as intensive information for the theoretic basis, the elements of the basic sciences supporting the development of the theory and the interference of the field. The theory of Sensory Integration is divided in the functional contribution of the personal Sensory system, the praxis and its effect on everyday activities. This information is employed in identifying the personal deviation from the standard Sensory Integration and praxis, and, furthermore, in providing awareness on the methods and procedures used in intervention strategies of the Sensory Integration. In a school environment, like the Special School of Apostolos Varnavas in Liopetri, there is a necessity of three therapists to be further educated and trained, due to the existence of children’s numerous needs and the fact that there are two unused rooms, where two therapists are capable of working simultaneously in different rooms. The therapy is delivered to each child personally and it has duration of forty minutes. The number of the children at school is 42 and each and every one of them needs to have access and receive therapy in these rooms. According to the educational aims of the seminar, the participants will become able to: • Individuate the various sensory systems and the way in which contribute to everyday life • Identify the basic principles of Sensory Integration • Name several sensory strategies, that can be applicable at home, school and community environment, for function enhancement purposes. • Explain to the children the connection among the Sensory, the typical and non-typical development. • Describe the role of the personal Sensory systems in human activity • Discuss praxis and the role it has in terms of performance and behavior • Interrelate the variety of the functions of Sensory Integration in working environment The seminar is divided into five different activities – sections and the methodology is described in the intervention strategies of the Sensory Integration (S.I.) There are multiple outcomes and impacts of the training provided through the seminar to the therapists, due to the fact that the therapeutic activities and programs are improved and updated, therefore, the outcomes and impacts will directly influence the improvement of the children’s organic functions and their everyday activities in general. The potential long-term benefits of the seminar concern: 1. The better functionality of the school (room and equipment) 2. The update of the therapies provided to the children 3. The correlation between the outcomes and benefits, in association with the home and school environment as well as with the community and state. 4. The independence of the individuals who receive therapy, fact that consequently leads to the improvement of the working and financial condition of the individual; hence the domestic environment and the state in general are highly affected in a positive way.
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