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Αισθητηριακή και βιωματική μάθηση σε εξωτερικό περιβάλλον
Start date: Sep 11, 2014, End date: Sep 10, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Main activity: Learning Mobility of Individuals (KA101 - School education staff mobility) Total duration of the project: 24 months. Beginning date: 24-03-2014, Ending date: 24-03-2016 The applicant organization is the Tehniko Epaggelmatiko Ekpaideutirio Eidikis Agogis Katerinis – TEE EA Katerinis (Technical Vocational School of Special Education, Katerini). TEE EA of Katerini provides the special needs students above the age of 12 with vocational and prevocational skills. In addition, its students are taught school subjects of general education such as Maths, Language, Physical Education etc. There are two sectors, the Sector of Agriculture Food and Environment and the Sector of Finance and Administration, specializing in the Hotel Business. The Partner Organization is the Educational Centre of Kinda (Kinda Larcentrum). This is a local organization that offers High School Education, Adult Education and in Service Training. The Practical Exercise is organized in cooperation with the “Vaxtkraft Kinda” and the in Service Training concerns teachers from all over Europe in the field of Outdoor Learning. Our students peculiarities necessitate a diverse scientific approach to their problems during their education. Learning outdoors means learning in real conditions as long as the field of learning is transferred outside, in the open, in a social environment and this learning is a sensory learning technique and learning while playing. The aim of this particular education is to broaden the teacher’s knowledge and as well to train them in teaching outdoors, to facilitate the exchange of experience, within the European dimension to education. During the training live demonstrations of several teaching methods take place and techniques that can be applied in every day school teaching. The project title is “Sensory and experiential Outdoor Education and Learning” and it’s duration is 24 months. We suggest that 3 teachers should attend the course of “Taking Learning Outdoors” in Sweden, “Learning Different Subjects Outdoors” in the Czech Republic and “Outdoor Leadership” in Portugal. The content of the courses that we apply is thematical and based on “learning by doing”. By means of experience, we will meet the three key parts of Outdoor Education: Personal and social development, Outdoor activities and Environmental education. The course will take place mainly outdoors close to nature, in the rural as well as the urban landscape. The three teachers participating in the project have already teaching degrees and specialty in Special Education. Practice however, makes the improvement of their teaching experience necessary. Outdoor learning offers teachers innumerable possibilities to communicate with special children. This is a based on senses education, while the outer environment offers the opportunity for successive learning. Through this project our teachers will be taught activities that later on will be adjusted to each student’s needs separately, so that they will be able to build up skills step by step in surroundings based on nature. Within the new Erasmus framework as well as the KA2 action, we intend to form groups of students who will participate in the programme that their teachers will have previously realized. We also intend to co-operate with a respective special school or a technical one. The next goal will be students to visit the Educational Centre where school units function, through collaboration with the same organization. Learning outdoors and the creation of a sensory garden are among the direct plans of our school. Especially with students with development disorders (eg autism) a sensory type of education is the goal. That is why the systemization and enrichment of the personnel’s knowledge is absolutely necessary. The communication of the acquired knowledge of the trained teachers to the rest of the teachers of the school, is a main requirement. To manage to incorporate this teaching method is by the way easy to apply, due to mild weather conditions in Greece and the constant lack of teaching space (e.g classrooms, labs, etc). We aim at broadening the method to all school subjects since the teaching of several subjects is possible by all specialties in decent places, organized and designed properly or in the nature. As far as the announcement of results of the plan, we intend to put forward a suggestion to a local Special Vocational Secondary school and a Vocational Secondary school of mainstream education which have the same sectors as ours and we usually cooperate with. This involves the demonstration of the Teaching Outdoors method to the teachers of the above mentioned schools.
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