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Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

School students between the ages of 14-18 from Sindelfingen, Dronfield, Malaga, Barcelona, Idrija and Kourou will work collaboratively on the „AirNet“ project and will study the theme of air in various contexts (Science, Technology, Music and Art). The participating school students and teachers from each country are already making preparations for the project meetings. Each school has chosen its own focus, individual to each country, and is organising collective learning activities for all participants. The principle of the project meetings is that the school students from a variety of cultural and social environments get to know each other and learn from each other. By collaborative activities in European teams the school students learn to overcome language and cultural hurdles, to develop greater tolerance and to experience the joy of working together in heterogeneous teams. One significant aim of the project, linking many subjects, is that school students can become engaged in various interests that are linked by a common theme so that a real collective team spirit can develop. The overall aim, which will be realised at the conclusion of the project, will be an exhibition called “Pictures in motion”. The theme of air was chosen as it is extremely relevant for the environment yet is seen as a lesser priority in terms of environmental resources (eg Water). There are, however, many investigation opportunities in the stated subject areas and thereby many school students with a variety of interests and competences can become involved. One of the aims is that this project will stimulate the personal development of the participating school students, that they will improve their professional and employment potential and that their life horizons will be broadened. Through intensive collective group work on the various aspects of the theme of Air the school students improve their subject knowledge and understanding, they broaden their linguistic abilities (English, French, German and Spanish) and they develop their creative talents. For the project ideas the school students will each, according to their preferences, present their project findings via their chosen medium (Video, sound, pictures, creation of web-pages and computer applications). A further aim is the enrichment of professional competences of the teaching staff involved through new challenges and activities, increased motivation and self confidence. During the project the ideas and results of the activities will be made available for colleagues in all schools so that these may be used as educational building blocks in schools. (see under results). Thereby the project will stimulate an improvement in teaching abilities in the schools. Each school will act as host school on one occasion and will organise learning activities for the participating school students that are specific to the theme of that school. Thus each school has its own individual focus for the successful completion of the project. The project meetings involving the responsible coordinating teacher in each school will be held in one of the participating schools at the start, at the mid-point of the project and at the end of the project. Communication between the teachers from the participating schools will be guaranteed via the medium of the Moodle platform and via email contact. Contact between the participating school students will be via email contact as well and via social media networks. Results: display “Pictures in Motion“, Applications for smartphones, production of an ongoing homepage, project booklets, artefacts involving Art, Music and Flight. The title “Pictures in Motion” includes creative and informative realisation of the whole project in all participating countries in a digital framework. Long term uses: sustainable information via picture screens with overall information about the project and educational building blocks on the homepage and in the project booklets. The participating schools and their planned activities: Goldberg High School Sindelfingen, General secondary school: Subject profile Art/Science, Technology and Languages, Experiments on the theme of pneumatics, cooperation with Bitzer Company, Art creations of air using various materials, display “Pictures in Motion”; The German school in Barcelona: General secondary school (High school and general secondary school), Musical aspects (Wind instruments); biodiversity Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School : General secondary school with Technology specialism. Construction of flying machines; Sound experiments with air and wind; IES La Rosaleda Malaga : Vocational school with emphasis on Technology and gastronomy; ir pollution; biological indicators; noise pollution Lycée Gaston Monnerville Kourou: General secondary school,Ornithology and entomology; space center Jurija Vege High School, Idrija (Slovenia): General secondary schoolChemical and physical parameters of air pollution; construction of a drone.
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