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"Agro-technological training methodology based on organic farming - Einkorn - Ancient innovation II"
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 30 Nov 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Einkorn is an ancient grain that dates back approximately a 10 000 years. Bulgarian einkorn, unlike other varieties found, contains higher than typically met nutrients. Unfortunately in Bulgaria no targeted studies have been conducted to understand, grow and cultivate the Bulgarian variety of einkorn. By conducting initial studies within the framework of our successfully ongoing 2013 "Transfer of innovation" project which is focused on malting and brewing einkorn, we came across several alternations which do not allow production of einkorn products with same taste indicators thus making them unfit for the high quality standards of the European market. In order to produce products with the same taste indicators it is necessary to develop a comprehensive study-based training methodology (main project output) for the cultivation of einkorn with the same taste and elemental indicators. The current proposal focuses precisely on that, transferring, adapting and further developing a training methodology for cultivating einkorn with the same elemental and flavor indicators of products independently of the harvest. The main target group which the training methodology addresses is agronomists (grain/cereal producers), and secondly stakeholders involved in the production of cereal food/beverage products. The needs addressed are directly related to the fact that conventional agriculture does not apply modern methodologies for the cultivation of agricultural crops. By developing the foreseen outputs the project will contribute to the improvement of the level of key competences and skills of the target group with regard to their correspondence to the challenges of the labor market. The methodology will improve professional skills of agronomists in a highly developed economic sector. The outputs will lead to overall improvement of conventional agriculture and will provide innovative learning methods in the sector. By digitizing the entire agro technological process the consortium will develop several key outputs that will increase the attractiveness of the agricultural sector, mainly einkorn cultivation and usage of by-products of low gluten content suitable for people suffering from coeliac disease. In order to achieve its objectives, the consortium of partners plans to develop the above mentioned training methodology for agronomists to enhance their professional qualifications and keeping it open up to grain-producers and brewers, to allow them to implement and integrate it in their production process and to profit by qualified experts. Another product, the Technological Glossary of terms will contain a description of the specific terminology used in the projects and the corresponding sectors. In order to achieve sustainability and impact the training methodology is to be integrated in the teaching process of partner organizations which will enhance their skills and knowledge in their training modules to date. The Agricultural Academy will introduce an entirely new training course based on the project outputs in the curriculum of their educational system. As a whole, the agricultural industry is to adopt unknown to date, innovative high quality training methodology for agronomists and brewers providing a qualified vocational training within the framework of the participating organizations. Successful graduates will gain professional education for a little known grain such as the einkorn, with high content of nutrients, in a highly developed but with further potential for growth economic sector such as the Agricultural. With the growing popularity and activities associated to the cultivation of einkorn the demand for highly qualified experts who can grow, process, treat, etc. this culture will grow proportionally. In other words those who successfully pass the developed within the project training will become integrated in the dynamic employment market with ease.
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