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"Agricultural learning opportunities in Italy 2 "
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

he project is the result of continued collaboration with the school I.S.I. Duca degli Abruzzi following the mobility project AGRILOI from last school year. Teachers mentors from both schools were very satisfied with the students’ practical training and achieved learning outcomes emphasising that the quality of the practical training could be improved with entrepreneurial competencies that are necessary for entering the labour market after graduation.The Project Coordinator informed the Italian colleagues about the implementation of the EU project "Agritourism innovative module", financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund. Agricultural School with two other vocational schools in Daruvar and Opuzen, and with the support of a Polish vocational school in Krakow are working on the modernization of practical training in the area of agroeconomy. Since an innovative new module on agroeconomy is being created and is piloted by students, it is agreed that the same opportunity is provided for participants of the mobility in I.S.I. Duca degli Abruzzi school.Teachers from both schools will define, through the Europass and ECVET mobility (Memorandum of Understanding and Learning Agreement), elements important for practical training as follows:- Learning outcomes acquired during mobility on qualification level- Units of learning outcomes as part of the qualifications that will be assessed and recognized after returning from mobility- ECVET points expressed with numerical grades which will be assigned to the learning outcomesIn accordance with the above-mentioned, 15 students of the Agricultural School from four vocations / Agrotechnician, Agritourism technician, Agricultural technician phytopharmacist and Agricultural technician gardener / will participate in the mobility for a period of two weeks in May 2016 at the I.S.I. Duca degli Abruzzi school.The professional training program will include regulations regarding health and safety measures, obligations of students and mentors, familiarizing with the preparation of the working process and the modern techniques and tools related to each specific vocation.The following learning outcomes are planned within the subject ‘Practical training’, depending on the vocation / qualification, and they include vocational and entrepreneurial competences and quality assurance in agricultural production:- Agritourism technicians and Agrotechnician - will improve their professional knowledge and skills in the area of plant production (growing and cultivating fodder plants) and animal production (poultry and cattle breeding). Students will develop entrepreneurial competencies by doing research on supply and demand in the Italian poultry and cattle market.- Agricultural technicians - will improve their professional knowledge and skills in the field of plant growing in greenhouses (plastic and glass). Students will develop entrepreneurial competencies through research on benefits achieved by the Italian farms on the Italian and international markets.- Agricultural technicians phytopharmacist - will develop their professional knowledge and apply knowledge of modern plant protection measures in protected areas. Students will develop entrepreneurial competencies by making a procurement plan and using plant protection products from an economic and environmental point of view.In addition to practical training, different cultural activities will be organized for students, such as sightseeing of the city of Padua, learning about the cultural and traditional heritage and customs of the locals.The project will establish a better, broader and more thorough cooperation between the two partners in the field of vocational training for agricultural occupations, lifelong learning and an active connection of the agricultural sector and the labour market.Expected results of mobility: - Increased professional knowledge and skills of 15 students about new procedures, tools and new technologies in the work field of Agritourism technicians, Agrotechnicians, Agricultural technicians gardeners and Agricultural technicians phytopharmacist - 15 students who will share practical experience with their peers and teachers, which will influence the development of practical training in the Agricultural School - 2 teachers with expanded knowledge about the organization and implementation of practical training in Italy - 17 participants in mobility with improved knowledge of the Italian language (basic conversation) - Students familiar with the possibilities of lifelong learning and encouraged to participate further in the mobility project through the Erasmus program + - An enhanced partnership between the Agricultural School and the host school I.S.I. Duca degli Abruzzi - Increased added value of the School of Agriculture in the context of the internationalization of vocational education and training - Enhanced intercultural / inter-generational education and lifelong
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