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Agrandir notre vision du monde
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Nov 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

CONTEXT AND OBJECTIVES OF OUR PROJECT From 6 to 15 July 2015, 14 young Belgians with their three leaders and 14 young Montenegrins, accompanied also, will participate in a meeting based on the theme of "larger world view" in the city of Bar. The exchange will be built on art and the environment. This project was born on demand from young people during a youth council. Initially, their desire was to reach an unknown destination, a country where they could not go if they were not attending the Youth Center. They expressed their desire to discover another culture, a different religion, a different social and economic reality of their own. This desire has met the demand of young Klub AMI who wished meet other young people who create, reflect, interact in french ... The theme of this cultural year in Youth Centre is "We are all foreigners, ferryman of stories, future promises". The youth and leaders from Monénégro and from Belgiumwish to fight racism and prejudice. Why this theme? While at Rochefort, there is little immigration, facilitators and youth have noticed racist behavior towards some young people of different colors. The youth and leaders have also set personal growth goals: surpassing oneself, one's own limits, learn to know how to manage his relationship to another. Young and animators defined common values they believe in and thy want to live. They are: solidarity, respect the other. NUMBER AND PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS. The European exchange will involve 28 young people aged 13 to 19 years. Youth attending the Klub AMI are young people who want to spend their free time in a useful and entertaining way, who are not interested in sports or music. These young people are also very sensitive and very open to other cultures, love traveling and sharing. Yet they all come from families with financial difficulties and some social positions. Young CJC Rochefort come from diverse social backgrounds, some young people have little access to culture, some have drop out of school and are on their own without any real support from parents and receive support for Youth Help. Others find themselves in a precarious situation, unemployment and living independently. Other young people are part of the middle class, receive parental support but do not have sufficient financial resources because of their family situation (single-parent families). Blending and mixing of these public serves the common project. It is essential for leaders so that every young learn from each other and questioned its potential prejudice. From there, the social environment does not matter and group cohesion takes over. Solidarity and mutual aid are values developed throughout the project (and already implemented by these young people, since the beginning of the project). DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES. The program was developed by young people in consultation with the leaders. It can be summarized in four points: - Creation of a non-verbal and bilingual show on the theme of "expand his worldview" and presenting it to the local population. - Discovery of the region, people and their economic and cultural realities. - Meeting between youth workshops based on the exchange of artistic practices and informal meetings. - Action / Reflection powered by Round Table: How people live in economic, social and environmental aspects, what about the waste ...? Staging of small interventions of "street theater" in relation to the subject with the locals. METHODOLOGY FOR CONDUCTING THE PROJECT Klub AMI Montenegro and CJC Rochefort in Belgium work in a lifelong learning perspective. Participation is active from the beginning of the project that has been chosen by the young people themselves. The project is designed, built, led, evaluated by and with young people, and fully in keeping with the aims of a youth center: train CRACS. "Responsible Citizens Assets Reviews and Solidariy". This international exchange project will help to reach this ideal. BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE IMPACT AND EXPECTED RESULTS. International exchange gives us an opportunity to address the topic of "foreign" not only as a problem, but more as an opportunity to reflect on our roots and live interculturalism. Youth participants will leave their homes and on their return, they will reflect on the experience and who knows, becoming ambassadors of interculturalism. POTENTIAL LONG-TERM BENEFITS. This European exchange will be an opportunity for an inner journey, as much as a geographical shift. It will expand our view of the world and it will give new skills to young people (youth pass).
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