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AGORA: Active Generations tO Raise civic Awareness
Start date: May 18, 2016, End date: Feb 17, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

AGORA (Active Generations tO Raise civic Awareness) is an EVS project coordinated by InCo with the participation of 6 volunteers from 5 different countries (Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Germany and Poland) and 4 of them can be considered young people with fewer opportunities.The title AGORA was chosen in reference to the Greek meaning “gathering place”. Indeed the aim of AGORA is to promote the positive aspects of living in multicultural and democratic societies respectful of human rights by boosting intercultural and intergenerational dialogue. The project will take place in the trilingual and multicultural Province of Bolzano. Volunteers will be involved in the activities of 4 Receiving Organizations which have users from the German, Italian and Ladin speaking communities and more in general coming from all over the world: refugees and migrants (Caritas),in La Strada and VKE more than 50% of the users of the services have families with foreign origins.Receiving Organizations are active in different fields: ASSB manages nursing homes, VKE promotes the right of children/youths to play, La Strada has different youth centers and residential communities for minors while Caritas provides services to people at risk of exclusion such as refugees, immigrants, homeless persons and the youngCaritas promotes youth active citizenship.Volunteers will be actively involved in the regular activities of the Receiving Organizations suggesting own ideas and developing their own activities, with a special focus on the intercultural and intergenerational dialogue. They will promote this dialogue in particular in the frame of the parallel activities “Uniti nella diversità", title suggested by volunteers, Indeed the volunteers of the 4 Receiving Organizations will foster the positive aspects of living in multicultural and democratic societies. Volunteers have been being active during the project design suggesting the activities they would like to do, as for example: collecting the story of life of the old people in Italy who have lived during fascism but also of people in their countries who have experienced communism and the second world war as well as stories of life of migrants and refugees, implementing specific games to raise awareness for the positive aspects of democracy and multiculturalism, organizing special events opened to the whole community and taking part in events such as International Day of Democracy, Universal Children's Day - 20 November World Refugee Day. These parallel activities will guarantee a higher impact of the project on the local community.Hence, volunteers will act as “bridge builders” between: > generations: the young generation of the youngCaritas, VKE and La Strada and the less young generation hosted in the rest homes of the ASSB;> migrants or second-generation immigrants inside the Receiving organizations and in the local community but also between the 3 different linguistic groups of South-Tyrol;> their own history, country, culture and the local community;> peers, especially in the frame of “Uniti nella diversità”. Peer-to-peer contact will be stimulated, boosting not only socialization, the learning outcomes but also volunteers' spirit of initiative.AGORA is expected to have positive impacts on all of the actors involved. It represents both a life and a learning opportunity for volunteers who are expected to develop competences and attitudes significant for their personal growth and future job placements and who will be supported in their learning path by all partners who have already agreed on methods and roles. A participatory and active methodology will be adopted: the volunteer is an actor of his/her own learning process and his/her skills will be certified by the Youthpass. Receiving Organizations could benefit from enriching inputs and new activities and all the other partners can have a greater impact thanks to the synergies they can create with the other organizations of the project. The users of the Receiving Organizations will have the chance to weave interrelations with persons from other cultures, to tell their stories of life and get to know those of other people. The local community will be invited to take part in the specific events organized in the frame of “Uniti nella diversità” improving the togetherness or at least increasing people's awareness of the chance of living in a multicultural society.In order to have a higher and larger impact, dissemination activities will be a key element of AGORA: the materials developed (games, stories of life, etc.) will be published on-line and volunteers will be encouraged to share their testimonies on the website, blogs and newsletter of the different partners. Furthermore, they will be invited to participate at school events talking about their experiences to local students.
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