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Agile Based Competency Management
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The measurement of competence is an essential element of strengthening the potential of enterprises, as a starting point for the development of its employees, the diagnosis of competency gaps and the choice of strategic directions. Intelectual Outputs of the project, provide a complete set of necessary tools to conduct research competence from beginning to end. It's not just a description of the method itself, but also a set of concrete, ready-to-use materials. Previously used personality tests and other tools, always referring to personality theory, trying to answer the question: what is the test person. Our method goes a step further, giving the answer to the question: what is a person in the context of their work. As a result, the measurement result of the social competence (treated as one part of the qualification) is more meaningful and valuable for the assessor qualification. This project will be run by 4 Partners: PROFES (PL) - leader, e-peers (PL), MERIG (A) and HOMINEM (ES). The primary objective of the project is to create, describe and evaluate Method of Competency Assessment in Work Contexts (CAWC) and provide any tools for its use in practice. In details, project will develope: - Project website and social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, with the posted news - „Competency Managment – what is it? Analysis of contemporary theoretical models” – report - Survey form for companies and consultants about how competency managment works in business today - Report on „Competency Managment – how it works in business today?” survey - Method of CAWC – e-book - 11 videos-lectures about method - 16 articles about different aspects of the Method - Guide – „How to implement CAWC in your organization?” - „Strategic Directions – which competency are needed to your organisation?” - workshop scenario and materials - „How to read report after assessment?” - workshop scenario and set of materials to conduct workshop - 3 videotutorials using in preparation sessions for assements participants and observers - Instruction for coaches who works with participants of assessment - Survey form for companies and consultants about which competencies are needed for the European labor market? - „Key competencies for European labor market” – report after research - 20 key competencies, each competency with general definition and with 5 aspects, each aspect describe by definition - 10 descriptions of work contexts - „How to proper develope cases?” – document; instruction for consultant and HR, faculties - 1000 cases – each includes: solid description of the situations; 3 potential behaviours – well described ways of reaction; 6 comments about potential answers; - 1000 ilustrations to cases, making them more atractive to assessment’s participant (animation, movie, photo, etc). - 100 ready-to-use knowledge pills (one for every aspect in all competencies) - 1 comprehensive software tool – aplication that allows access to all cases and knowledge pills, for test and development your competencies Actions taken under the project and its results will have a significant impact on the target groups: • Entrepreneurs - by implementing methods for their activities related to the assessment and development of staff, will support such important processes as recruitment (internal and external), talent management, construction of paths of development, competency gap analysis, assessment of employee, HRM. • Consulting companies - with the introduction innovative methods to its portfolio of products, increase their range of influence to new types of businesses. With the completed package implementation materials, will be able to enable entirely new service to its offer at a low cost. Additional value is to have a portfolio of products tool for the diagnosis of qualifications according to the EQF. • Universities - First supplement their curricula with innovative, practical content. Second, can use the competency tests in the method for the determination of key competences for their students and graduates. This allows them to better tailor curricula to the real needs of the labor market. • Students and people interested in competence development - broaden their knowledge of competency management with innovative content. As the people of this target group are usually interested in working in the HR area, they can use their knowledge as their advantage in the labor market. The results of the project have a significant impact on not only a direct target group of the project, but also on people that will use the Method in testing mode. They are all employees of companies in which the test method will be implemented, customers of consulting firms that use the method, and people generally interested in improving their competence. With the results of competence tests they gain knowledge of the subject, which can be used for the development of competence, and thus to find a place of employment in line with their actual qualifications.
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