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Agile Analytics on Big Data Cubes (EarthServer-2)
End date: May 1, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

EarthServer-2 makes Agile Analytics on Big Earth Data Cubes of sensor, image, simulation, and statistics data a commodity for non-experts and experts alike through• navigation, extraction, aggregation, and recombining of any-size space/time data cubes;• easy to install & maintain value-adding services extending the existing portfolio of data and compute centers;• based on open standards, in particular: the OGC Big Data standards and the forthcoming ISO SQL/MDA (“Multi-Dimensional Arrays”) standard.In the Joint Research Activity, the project will advance the existing, world-leading rasdaman Array Database technology wrt. query functionality, inter-federation data processing with automatic data and query distribution, tape archive integration, and 3D/4D visualization based on NASA’s virtual globe technology.In the Services Activity, large data centers (ECMWF, PML, MEEO/ESA, GeoScience Australia, JacobsUni) will set up water, air, weather, and planetary services on 3D & 4D data cubes up to Petabyte-size with user-tailored clients for both visual and textual ad-hoc mix&match.In the Networking Activity, the project will advance open Big Data standards in OGC, RDA, and ISO (in particular: write ISO SQL/MDA). Further, all adequate channels will be used for strong dissemination & exploitation, specifically: writing a monograph explaining OGC Big Geo Data standards; scientific publications & active conference organization; Earth science data user workshops for each domain addressed; actively contributing technology & experience to GEO / GEOSS and further bodies; establish standardized Big Geo Data benchmark and run it against EarthServer-2 and further relevant systems.Altogether, EarthServer-2 will maintain and extend the lead in Big Earth Data services established in the highly successful EarthServer-1 project. Being already supported by ESA, rasdaman will form an enabling building block for COPERNICUS / Sentinel.
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