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Against Racial Bullying and Xenophobia Project
Start date: 01 Jan 2012,

Intercultural diversity is not new in European educational scenarios. Education communities have re-adapted learning in an effort to adequate pedagogical methods to the current high ethnic diverse contexts. Taking into account different types of harassment in education, psychological and physical violence is frequently observed in relation to racial/cultural confrontation between pupils. This is related to the existence of ethnic prejudices and social stereotypes that make of ethnic diversity an indicator of pre-determined confrontation. The present project proposal is due to the design, testing and validation of new and innovative pedagogical methodologies addressing violence related to multicultural contexts in education scenarios. ARBAX project envisages the production of interactive virtual tools with pedagogical purposes aiming at the setting of anti-violence strategies related to multicultural scenarios.The new 3D Video Game, containing interactive simulation situations will enableto work on discriminatory attitudes towards migrants and ethnic minorities as well as on those violent reactions usually observed on shared ethnic-origin groups towards others scholars. Identity building analysis in cultural diversity contexts will be possible. An approach to bullying phenomena will lead to relevant conclusions in regard to youngsters violent behaviours in this field. On the other hand, project enhances the creation of a new virtual Social Network with pedagogic purposes, containing didactic itineraries to enable participative debates among different related topics by students of all regions. The outmost dissemination and exploitation of products' advantages will make possible to extend this innovative proposal to several education institutions in Europe. A wide range anti-violence campaign will therefore help to ARBAX's objective: to tackle and reduce xenophobic and violent attitudes amongst European younsters.
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