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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The urgent need to broaden knowledge of new good practices, new trends, new techniques, new business ideas and different working culture, through internationalization, was the reason that gave impetus to the Directorate and our school teachers to propose and organize this plan. The students that will participate in this work plan are those specializing in Economics and Crop Production. The main purpose of this project is to meet students’ needs to develop nodal skills in order to respond successfully to the demands of today's society, by taking the best educational and professional judgment. Other objectives: The development of students’ professional interests and particularly the development of their business interests. The removal of stereotypes about the position of each sex in the area of their profession. The improvement of professional qualifications. The development of their self-image, the possibility to develop initiatives and test their independent life while living apart from their family and the parallel possibility to cooperate n in a group are objectives pursued for the personal development of the beneficiaries. The program will be composed of three parts: The part training in corresponding with their industry enterprises, the theoretical part and finally the cultural part. The implementation of the mobility program within the framework of ERASMUS + will enable EPAL Atalante involved Students to gain professional skills and experience from the workplace and the opportunity to apply the knowledge that they have already acquired in real working conditions. Students have already been under self-searching and self-educating procedures and the implementation of this plan will work cumulatively with the comparison of experiences from a European country like Cyprus, which has a very good socio-cultural and until recently a high economical level. The organizing, monitoring and evaluating procedures are being guaranteed through a series of agreements. The evaluation of acquired knowledge and skills will be held by the examiners of the Cyprus System of Vocational Qualifications. They will enrich their personal folders with the material that they are going to gather and with the information that they are going to collect, and their CVs with the Europass-Mobility certificate, and the certificates from the host body and the companies that will employ them. As a part of the procedure to disseminate the results there will be a presentation of the program at a meeting that would be organize to spread the experience to the parents, to the teachers, to the students and to the local community. Cyprus was chosen as the host country a) Because of the language, not only because it would be easy to communicate but also for the possibility to use English professional terms, which are commonly used in Cyprus, and this can give students that lack in English the triggers to learn and a strong motive to develop this skill in the future. b) Mainly due to the total specialization of the partners in the areas in which we seek to provide our students with new knowledge and experiences in a various positions of practical training. In the long run the implementation of the project offers to our students promising possibilities of employment or activity in Cyprus, considering the huge unemployment rate and the unemployment in our country and the potential growth of Cyprus’s economy but also gives to the school the possibility to enlarge its European horizons, to local labor market the chance to upgrade the quality of the staff that emerges through such programs, to our partners the opportunity to extend by communicating with us, local economic factors, business plans and partnerships.
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