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Älvkullen International Internship
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Background During 2015-2017 Älvkullegymnasiet will start a process of becoming an environmentally certified school. We have noticed a vast need for our teachers and students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset which also includes sustainable and environmental learning. Our technical college graduates and TIME will be our future scientists and engineers and for them not to work sustainably is impossible. Our students need to get an international perspective on their education - especially when it comes to sustainability and the environment. For this to be possible, Älvkullen needs to cooperate with other countries. Without international internships, our students will lack a key element in their education. It is also important that students get to see and bring their experiences of how they can work's entrepreneurial and sustainably throughout Europe. In this area it is important to share experiences with other countries. Number of participants in the project: Technical college graduates and TIME: 70 Teachers: 12 Our project includes the following activities: 1. VET learners traineeships in companies abroad in Italy, Slovenia, Spain, Hungary and Malta. 2. Staff training abroad of teachers in Italy, Spain and Malta. This is what should be done: Each student will spend three weeks in an EU country where he or she exercises any of its specialized areas. It could be media, web design, programming, database or computer graphics. During the internship, students will have a tutor who gives each student a specific project to work on. Sustainability will permeate their work and this is part of the challenge for the student. The tutor in each company evaluates and validates the student's work and provides advice and support in everything from professional knowledge to social, linguistic and cultural tips. The teachers who go on "staff training abroad" will meet professionals from different companies. During a working week, teachers will see how one can workwork sustainably in various companies in Europe. The goal of having students is that they will: - Get hands-on knowledge of their subjects by skilled itutors. This will also be educating teachers who work at Älvkullegymnasiet because they see what sknowledge is needed on an international market. - Gain practical work in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way out on a company in Europe. The students will spread the knowledge theyalready possess to the host country. Students will be able to bring home the intercultural experiences of environmental activities in Europe and they can then implement this in their future workplace.. - Get their knowledge internationally validated, which means that they in turn are employable for local, national and international companies. - See the benefits of their scientific, technical and IT-related studies and are able to spread it to other students. This will in turn increase recruitment into science and technology courses. - Gain invaluable cultural and linguistic knowledge and experience, so they can spread on to local actors, schools and businesses. The goal of the teachers' staff training abroad : The teachers will be able to see how you can work with sustainably and environmentally friendly in companies throughout Europe. Distribution and effects: Älvkullegymnasiet will gain knowledge about the requirements and challenges that an international working environment demands . This applies not only to practical vocational training, but also how to work sustainably. If we only teach our students how sustainability is to be achieved locally and nationally, the students will not have an understanding of how to work together, across borders, to achieve a sustainable society. When the students come home from their internships , our teachers will gain invaluable knowledge of how to work with sustainable development in various companies in Europe. Since we have a regional cooperation with the company cluster, Compare knowledge will spread through them. Both the Technical college graduates and TIME have a national intake, which means that we collect students from across the country. These students have icontacts with national companies and they will spread their knowledge. On a European level, we see that our students not only retrieve experiences from their internships. They also disseminate knowledge about the environment to the rrst of the companies in Europe.

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