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Ältere bauen mit Jüngeren Brücken für Europa
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Although the EU has passed the Memorandum Lifelong Learning in 2000, we still have high youth unemployment and a lack of knowledge among pupils, younger and older adults in Europe (e.g. studies PISA (2014) , PIACC (2013 ) , CILL (2014)) . Therefore all resources especially intergenerational educational resources (e.g, professional and life experiences) must be used to satisfy those education requirements. The objectives of the project are: - The extended active participation of young people in democratic processes to the development of European cooperation, supported by dialogue and exchanges with older people who can contribute significantly to their professional and life experience - The promotion of social inclusion and social well-being of young people through the intensification of the dialogue between generations and mutual support in teaching and learning processes as well as in everyday life - The strengthening of the motivation of young people for life long learning through the model effect of older people - The expansion of junior professional development in the STEM area for high demand disciplines, professions and fields of study by retired professionals - The promotion of social dialogue and the development of reciprocal intergenerational learning in different teaching-learning situations. The profile of the participants in the project is based on the concept of intergenerational education and consists of 300 pupils and teachers of the SEC I / II, 75 German and international students, 15 university teachers, 120 senior students at educational institutions of the project partners, 25 retired professionals and 25 elderly people. The dissemination of the project work and results is based about 3000 participants in the general further education programs at the project partners. The following project activities are planned: • Collection of reports of witness of the times as a free teaching and learning materials with a didactic-methodological guidance as an Open Educational Resources (OER) • Generation talks on European issues to raise mutual understanding of the other generation and to promote the community in Europe • Pupils build paper bridges together with seniors in a European competition and talks about the importance of concrescence of European countries and the EU's future image • Development of a methodological guideline for development and design of intergenerational godparent programs • Development of target group oriented modular guidelines for juniors and seniors on the use of web conferencing and Internet telephony • Seniors, students and pupils develop an industrial culture route with commemorative plaques • Intergenerational discussions about the parliamentary political work, the European partner countries and their cultures • Cooperation between Children-Universities and Universities of third Life (U3L) • Recommendations for policy makers to shape the intergenerational education at local, national and European level • Development of a common project homepage, which is continued even after finishing project • Summary of the project results on the Internet and as a booklet We expect - That younger and older participants develop dialogue and mutual learning about work and life experience, cultures and traditions a more positive picture of the other generation - That experience of the common goals, cultural differences and cultural diversity in the participating partner countries are collected as a European added value - A more active and motivating joint participation of younger and older people in the development of European cooperation and European citizenship - Further development of the universities, not only for younger students, but also for all generations - An increase in self-esteem of the elderly that their experiences are in demand and used and the mutual appreciation of the benefits of the other generation - The increase in scientific discussion of the intergenerational educational opportunities and their implementation as a contribution to dialogue and cooperation between generations As a long-term benefit of the development of intergenerational cooperation with other educational institutions, the continued use of eyewitness reports in OER and the expansion of generation talks in various teaching-learning situations is expected. The different results of the project from the various European countries play an important role as a European added value for intergenerational education, the further development of European cooperation and to encourage the meeting, education and collaboration between younger and older people in a peaceful Europe of cultural diversity.
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