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Start date: Nov 1, 2014, End date: Jun 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We invented this project for our target group - youth workers, peer educators, freelancers, young people ? who are eager to learn best practices of recycling and influence their environment to support them in this quest and empower them to have an impact in their local community. We spent 10 days in the countryside of Hungary sharing inspiration and getting to know green solutions of other countries. We had 42 young people, most of them active in youth work and connected to an NGO participating in the project supported by 7 members of the team. The project took place in Terény, except for 2 days. On one the participants went ?outdoors? exploring the region, the second when we spent the day in Balassagyarmat having the two events in the primary school and in the cinema. After both days we returned to the venue to spend the night in Terény. The project was unconventional for us because this time we used media as an active tool for the project and also for the dissemination and we focused on how to build up marketing and dissemination strategies in order to reach more people with our activities and with the technique of creative recycling. Our objectives were: -to make young people to think in a concious way about sustainability and go to actions -to share best practices, find new techniques and learn together in an intercultural, inspiring environment - to develop our organising, coaching and mentoring skills and be inspired by other cultures in order to realize more projects in this topic and involve a big mass of people. -to encourage intercultural learning by creative art and media -to develop skills by non-formal methods - to empower youth workers to teach recycling techniques in their sourroundings, in schools, their local NGOs or events. We used different activities to reach our objectives. We used a lot of group assignments, and also individual work or work in pairs. We put a lot of effort in dividing the group in many ways to ensure diversity. We held several workshops, used teambuilding games, had reflection moments, international evenings and optional activities. As the result of the Training Course the 35 participants learned basic recycling techniques and got familiar with using media tools (camera, editing programmes). Together they created several videos promoting recycling and organized the activity in the local school. We ensured visibility from the selection process (online platforms) and during the training course itself (posters about the screening, social media updates, etc) Our events had a big impact in local level as well, as time to time Recreativity is organizing activities in Balassagyarmat, so the locals (especially kids,teachers) know us more and more and always ask us to return. We find it important to revisit these locations instead of choosing a different region for each of our projects. This time we got very positive feedbacks again and the actions reached the number of people/children we aimed for. The participants could already experiment how to share the techniques with children. We consider it important that they are encouraged to pass on the knowledge they have recieved and developed straight away. Especially interacting with a very special target group (primary school children with no common language to speak) gives them the courage to organize these activities in the future. The screening in the cinema also helped the participants to realize how much they learned, in this case regarding the technical/artistic skills. They learned enough to be able to share their understanding about the topic with others via their short movies. We also built a connection with the familiy who owns and runs the accomodation venue we rented. They were very interested in our activities and were open to our practices (recycling waste, how to cook in a sustainable way, etc). One of the daughters eventually took part in two intenational projects where ReCreativity was a partner/oragniser since. We see future in the collaboration and we plan to organize more projects there. On an international level the values we consider important, mainly the idea of creative recycling, cross-cultural experiences, European citizenship, media awareness and entreprenourship got advertised thanks to this project. On the last day we discussed how are the participants planning to imlement the conclusions of the project in their daily life. The participants from each organization discussed and created an action plan together about activities they would organize at home. There were many ideas from street actions to very specific plans (workshops in schools, with orphans, etc) We find the connection of creative recycling and media very rewarding and interesting. The need to continue with the idea is there from both our and from the partner?s side. We have already started future collaborations with partners from this project for the next project deadline.

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