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Start date: Jan 1, 2011,

AdventureShip is 9-days training for youth workers looking for challenging learning experience and new working methods and tools. Training program is based on the principles of approach called adventure education. It focuses on participating in activities with perceived risks. Adventure education includes cooperative games, trust-building activities, problem solving initiatives, high adventure activities and wilderness expeditions as a part of an educational pursuit. Physical and mental challenges are designed as metaphors for professional challenges in the organisations. The unfamiliar settings and tasks help to unfreeze entrenched behaviours and offer a common ground for establishing new ones. Adventure training allows reexamining preconceptions and test limitations and abilities of individuals and teams. Within the training relevant challenges will highlight issues youth workers are facing in their job and provide practice in applying strategies and skills needed to address those issues. Main aim of the project is to provide extraordinary learning process, which would promote professional and personal development of youth workers and give knowledge about adventure education and implementing its principles in the activities with aims of social inclusion and combating youth unemployment. Training activities will take place in several towns and villages of Macedonia and involve 30 youth workers and experts, 21 organizations working for unemployed youth and young people with fewer opportunities, 21 culturally diverse countries: Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro, Russia, Armenia, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.
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