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Advanced Multidisciplinary Training in Molecular Bacteriology (AMBER)
Start date: Jan 1, 2013, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"The advancement in life sciences has created a growing number of disciplines that are required to elucidate the increasingly complicated biological questions. This has led to an unsurpassed level of knowledge, but it has also resulted in a continuous specialization in PhD trainings, which makes the students less prepared for complex present day biological questions. To provide a better comprehensive and multidisciplinary PhD training in microbiology, we have brought together 10 EU partners and we have setup the ITN programme Advanced Multidisciplinary Training in Molecular Bacteriology (AMBER). Within this international training programme, we will investigate an important and multifaceted bacterial problem; the intertwinement of central carbon metabolism and several main cellular processes. To tackle this intricate topic the consortium comprises specialists in key areas of microbial physiology, including cell division, cell wall synthesis, RNA processing, DNA replication, metabolic regulation, stress management, metal homeostasis, metabolomics, and secondary metabolite production. This enables us to apply an integrative research approach that is necessary to solve this complex and essential bacterial problem. Importantly, this multidisciplinary project provides a unique training environment for ambitious early-stage researchers (ESRs). As a model system we will use the bacterium Bacillus subtilis. This is the best known Gram-positive organism, and it is also widely used in the biotechnology industry. In fact, the AMBER consortium includes 3 active industrial partners that use B. subtilis for different commercial purposes; enzyme production, synthesis of lipopeptide (antibiotics) or as probiotics additive. The training programme will therefore ensure that the ESRs will gain industrially relevant expertise. Thus, the AMBER programme will prepare ESRs for both a successful career in academia as well as in the private sector."
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