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Advanced M.Sc. Program in Ecology for Volga-Caspian Basin
Start date: Jan 15, 2010,

The main objective of the Project is in the transfer of educational experience of the advanced EU universities in the field of ecology and complex nature management into the universities of the countries-partners. It has been planned to ensure the training process on the level of European standards on the basis of curricula harmonization, experts’ professional skills development, up-to-date training methods introduction, development and publication of necessary educational data, technical re-equipment of the training laboratories, development and introduction of educational process current methods and students’ knowledge assessment. Besides it has been also planned to introduce and to develop the short-term courses for improving qualification of experts working in the field of ecological management.The main principles of Bologna declaration such as module structure of curricula, Introduction of ECTS as the common basis of the assessment of the training process labour intensivity, introduction of EC as the basis of quality control system. The Project implementation will make an essential contribution into the higher education modernization of the countries-partners. Besides it has been planned to create the common virtual medium of training including electronic libraries as a part of the international education. It will give the opportunity to conduct business games in the field of ecological management with the help of computers on the basis of distant training technologies. Thus it will allow to create the international network of the universities and other institutions interested in the field of ecological management for students’ training, experts’ reorientation and informational exchange within the Project and after.
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