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Advanced Experimentally Validated Integrated OLED Model for a breakthrough in high-performance OLED technology (AEVIOM)
Start date: 15 Jan 2008, End date: 14 Jan 2011 PROJECT  FINISHED 

White Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) are potentially highly efficient large area light sources, that can be used for general lighting applications in hitherto unprecedented ways, such as light-emitting flexible foils. In the past years, the luminous efficacy of prototype white OLEDs has shown a very fast, fivefold, increase. In principle, there seems to be no fundamental obstacle towards 100 lm/W efficiency, beyond that of fluorescent lamps. However, in practice the ever-increasing complexity of OLEDs (20 layers or more) now hampers further progress towards that goal, in part because reaching this efficiency goal is only of practical interest in combination with durability, colour stability and tunability, mechanical stability and ease of fabrication. For the further development of efficient white OLEDs, the availability of an experimentally validated opto-electronic device model will be crucial. Today's "first generation" models, based on conventional understanding of transport and photo-physical processes, are at least incomplete for realistic OLED materials. The AEVIOM project aims at enabling a breakthrough in white OLED efficiency and lifetime by the development and application of an integrated second generation OLED model. After experimental validation, the model will provide a quantitatively correct physical description of the effects of disorder on the transport and photo-physical processes. The model will be the basis for numerical methods that properly include the entire chain of electrical and optical effects inside the organic semiconductor, as well as the optical outcoupling. Finally, experimentally validated recommendations will be given towards the realization of a breakthrough in white OLED efficiency and lifetime, and also in device manufacturing (simplified optimal layer structure).
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