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Advanced Engineering Systems: Bridging the Gap between Academia and Industry
Start date: Oct 15, 2010,

This project aims at developing and strengthening a specialization in advanced engineering systems focussing on automation, control and mechatronics in Egypt and producing a new generation of engineers capable of performing constructive engineering work in such field to complete the cycle started with two former local TEMPUS projects "MEKATRON-2004" for undergraduate and "DIMPTOT-2005" for training of trainers in mechatronics. This shall target postgraduate students and professional engineers in a (Masters of Engineering)/(industry-tailored world-class certified professional training) modular program, which shall be the first of its kind in Egypt. The Masters degree developed here will have a National Impact in being an example of how these types of degrees can formulated to serve the community and industry. The modular program shall be developed in cooperation between universities, public authorities, NGOs, government research institutions, and representatives from the industry. The plan is to start running this degree during the third year of the project to account for fine adjustments of the contents. A detailed study will be prepared on the similar existing programs in Europe, Egypt and the US to allow for the consortium members to decide on all practical details of the project. The new Masters program will be designed to follows the ECTS, which will encourage student exchange between the consortium members. Students should be able to complete the Masters in 4 semesters. An additional 5th semester shall be offered for certified professional training to integrate academic and technical aspects of the subject.The new Masters program will be designed to evolve to double degree with EU partner institutions during the project lifetime to finally yield for NU to fully join (EU4M) ERASMUS MUNDUS Masters program in mechatronics and micro-mechatronics formed by the 3 EU academic partners to be among the first Egyptian academic institution to join similar consortium.
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