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Advanced Electronic Materials and Devices through Novel Processing Paradigms (AMPRO)
Start date: Jan 1, 2012, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"I propose a structured multidisciplinary research programme that seeks to combine advanced materials, such as metal oxides and organics, with novel fabrication methods to develop devices for application in: (1) large area electronics, (2) integrated nanoelectronics and (3) sensors. At the heart of this programme lies the development of novel oxide semiconductors. These will be synthesised from solution using precursors. Chemical doping via physical blending will be explored for the tuning of the electronic properties of these compounds. This simple approach will enable the rapid development of a library of materials far beyond those accessible by traditional methods. Oxides will then be combined with inorganic/organic dielectrics to demonstrate low power transistors. Ultimate target for application area (1) is the development of transistors with hole/electron mobilities exceeding 20/200 cm^2/Vs respectively. For application area (2) I will combine the precursor formulations with advanced scanning thermochemical nanolithography. A heated atomic force microscope tip will be used for the local chemical conversion of the precursor to oxide with sub-50 nm resolution. This will enable patterning of nanostructures with desirable shape and size. Sequential patterning of semi/conductive layers combined with SAM dielectrics would enable fabrication of nano-sized devices and circuits. For application area (3), research effort will focus on novel hybrid phototransistors. Use of different light absorbing organic dyes functionalised onto the oxide channel will be explored as a mean for developing high sensitivity phototransistors and full colour sensing arrays. Organic dyes will also be combined with nano-sized transistors to demonstrate integrated nano-scale optoelectronics. The unique combination of bottom-up and top-down strategies adopted in this project will lead to the development of novel high performance devices with a host of existing and new applications."
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