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Advanced Electron Microscopy techniques applied to catalytic materials for energy generation with very low environmental impact (AdMiEnv)
Start date: Mar 16, 2009, End date: Mar 15, 2012 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The use of novel electron microscopy related techniques is necessary to understand the structure of modern catalysts and, as a consequence, to improve their performance. The installation and development in the University of Cadiz of two novel techniques, Electron Tomography and quasi in situ Microscopy will help to achieve this goal. Electron Tomography is able to unveil the three dimensional structure of functional objects, with sizes in the nanometer scale. This technique will be applied to the study of the morphology and crystallography of nanoparticles. Quasi in situ Microscopy allow the study of the structure and composition at subnanometric scale of different materials in particular chemical states after chemical reactions without being exposed to the atmosphere. These techniques will be applied to the study of catalytic systems based in cerium oxide with gold as the active phase main component used for selective oxidation of CO. New formulations will be tested, including mixed oxides as support and including a second metal in the active phase.
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