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Advanced Distributed Pilot Line for More-than-Moore Technologies (ADMONT)
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Apr 30, 2019 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The “Advanced Distributed Pilot Line for More-than-Moore Technologies” project (ADMONT) is focused on a powerful and versatile More-than-Moore (MtM) pilot line for Europe increasing the diversification of CMOS process technologies. The combination of existing expertise, technological capabilities and the manufacturing capacity of industrial and research partners creates a whole new ecosystem within Europe’s biggest silicon technology cluster “Silicon Saxony”. The distributed pilot line utilizes various MtM platform technologies for sensor and OLED processing in combination with baseline CMOS processes in a unique way and incorporates 2.5D as well as 3D integration of silicon systems into one single production flow. The technology modules, equipment and processes are not located in one single clean room, but are distributed between partners located in Dresden. This local concentration of micro- and nanotechnology facilities has various advantages for potential customer since it enables a short production cycle time and fast delivery. Such distributed MtM pilot line is unique in Europe as well as worldwide and will be implemented as “one-stop-shop” for partners and customer. It is supported by advanced design technologies to address the challenges of modelling and simulation of MtM relevant aspects like reliability, degradation effects, process variability, and IT solution aspects for MtM smart fabrication, fab automation and data processing to generate a smart infrastructure. The distributed pilot line is working as an open platform and is able to integrate future technologies for autonomous and smart system solutions. ADMONT is focused on four main key applications: smart energy, smart mobility, smart health, and smart production and essential capabilities like semiconductor process equipment and materials, design technology and smart system integration. The project consortium is organized and working along the value chain for ECS technologies in Europe.

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