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Advanced condition monitoring system for the assessment of wind turbines rotating parts (CMSWIND)
Start date: Jun 1, 2012, End date: May 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Current wind turbine condition monitoring methodologies can be time-consuming and a costly process and fail to achieve the reliability and operational efficiency required by the industry. For these reasons existing vibration-based Condition Monitoring System (CMS) usually fail to detect defects until they become critical.This project will show the applicability of the CMS enabling the prompt detection of defects. The proposal idea is to use this experience to deploy an existing system that:o Allows an early detection and identification of any developing defects on several components of the wind turbine such as blade cracking, slip-ring corrosion and shaft/bearing misalignment, thus helping to optimise the maintenance schedule.o Combine the use of several sensors in order to evaluate the overall operational condition of the turbine’s generator, gearbox bearings, main shaft and blades.o Use wireless sensor for rotating components monitoring using high performance powering and energy harvesting technologies.o Fuse and analyse the data obtained through the different sensors using a single SCADA system.Broadband radio transmission systems were developed to transmit the data from fixed or rotating frames to the ground without losing any signal resolution. The results indicate the feasibility of collecting AE signals from the rotating frame with acceptable level of noise in low to moderate wind speeds. Also other developments were executed in order to verify whether or not the noise level increases appreciably with wind speed and whether such signals can be filtered out.Application of CMSWind system:• The Gearbox (including Main bearing, Yaw System, The hub)• The Generator• The BoltingOne of the aims of this project is to develop new standards and procedures for applying offshore instrumentation and therefore providing generic developments and information of use to the whole Wind Energy and NDT industry.
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