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Advanced Cockpit for Reduction Of StreSs and workload (ACROSS)
Start date: Jan 1, 2013, End date: Jun 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Outstanding safety level of air transport is partly due to the two pilots standard. However situations where difficult flight conditions, system failures or cockpit crew incapacitation lead to peak workload conditions.The amount of information and actions to process may then exceed the crew capacity. Systems alleviating crew workload would improve safety.ACROSS Advanced Cockpit for Reduction of StreSs and workload - will develop new applications and HMI in a cockpit concept for all crew duties from gate to gate. Human factors, safety and certification will drive this approach. The new system will balance the crew capacity and the demand on crew resource.ACROSS workload gains will be assessed by pilots and experts. A Crew Monitoring environment will monitor physiological and behavioural parameters to assess workload and stress levels of pilots. A new indicator will consolidate flight situation and aircraft status into an indicator of the need for crew resource. If this need becomes higher than available crew resource, cockpit applications and systems will adapt to the new situation :a) Decision support: cockpit interfaces will adapt to focus crew on needed actions,b) Prioritisation: non-critical applications/information will be muted in favor of critical elements,c) Progressive automation: crew actions not directly relevant with the situation will be automated,d) Decision sharing: in case of persistent crisis situation, an automatic information link with the ground will be established to further assist the crew.In extreme situation where both pilots are incapacitated, further steps will be:a) Full automation: measures to maintain the aircraft on a safe trajectory, then reroute to nearest airport and autoland.b) Decision handling: mechanisms allowing ground crew to remotely fly the aircraft.ACROSS groups a large team of key European stakeholders. They are committed to deliver innovation in the field of air transport safety.
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