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Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Sep 1, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The phenomenon of NEETs (No Employment, No Education, No Training), young people who are unemployed, not integrated in the educational system of their country and not receiving education or training is a reality that affects millions of young Europeans. Most of these young people have completed their compulsory schooling, are not able to find jobs and do not plan to continue their training, specialized or otherwise. These are young victims and protagonists of a setback in their personal and human growth. In Portugal alone there are almost two hundred thousand unskilled young people who are not in any kind of support system, creating a social and economic latency zone which undermines their life plans and their surrounding environment, seriously compromising its cohesion and social mobility. Within the organizations involved in this mobility project, there have been several young people in the communities inwhich the partners operate that fit within the image already described. These are young people that had, at one point, been members of the local voluntary movement or whose situation was brought to the attention of the partners in this project. In total, over 90 young people that are currently not taking part in any educational process, forwarding or social involvement were signaled by the partner organizations. The Advance project aims to support the reintegration of 36 NEET young people, from Portugal, Italy and Slovakia, who have never had any kind of international experience or exchange in teaching-learning processes, social and associative involvement, volunteering or in the labor market starting with each's personal real skill sets, allowing each of them to exercise fully their rights and duties as European citizens. On the other hand, we intend to demonstrate that the European context and the opportunities it incloses through the EU institutions are an open universe to everyone, including young people with fewer opportunities. We also want to disclose, disseminate and promote new ways of reintegrating NEET young people through non-formal education dynamics and that these do not have to be put aside from the traditional models of training, education or professionalization. Finally we intend to enhance the skill sets, developed through lifelong learning of the participants in the framework of non-formal education dynamics, as a source of new opportunities and starting point for making of each's re-employment plan. We will do this by creating a methodological device of action and training so that these young can perceive their real needs based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and conceptualising an individualized action plan based on the talents and potential of each young person, which is based on the Model of Multiple Intelligences. These methodological dynamics allow their talents and most relevant capabilities to be leveraged to the fullest, allowing each participant to draw a future plan of action based on that most motivates him/her, in direct involvement with their environment, community and labor market against the backdrop of Europe and opportunities created by EU programs, including the Erasmus + Program.
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