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Adult Educator in Company

The ADEC project aims to train in-house training personnel (from companies employing than 250 staff) to become better trainers. Based upon the fact that many in-house trainers do not currently benefit from formal training qualifications, the project aims to fill this gap by providing improved training opportunities for this professional group. Project partners will initially establish an International Academy of Adult Educators. This academy will then be responsible for the training of trainers following a series of common programmes, able to be applied to different in-house training scenarios for a range of different users. The training of trainers approach will include on-line learning, self-learning and a series of three-day workshop modules. The target group for the developed training are those who are currently responsible for the transfer of general knowledge and/or the mentoring and instruction of employees/new employees in large enterprises. Those personnel having undergone the developed training are then expected to return to their respective countries to deliver training according to ADEC principles. An additional element of the project is that of encouraging the mobility of trainers and training programmes, for which ADEC trainers they will be expected to attend an exchange week, in a different country, to learn from the experiences of other ADEC trainers at work. In addition to the developed training methodology and training course, the project will also present an overview of how adult training initiatives are managed in different European countries, a support manual and workbook to accompany the training of trainers and a specific manual for trainers. As potential users of the ADEC training programme are both diverse and numerous, a wide-ranging dissemination platform will be adopted in each partner country.

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