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Adult educational development for Migrants and Ethnic minorities

The aim of the ENTER project – Adult Educational Development for Migrants and EthnicMinorities – is to introduce disadvantaged, underprivileged and “education-shy” migrantsand members of ethnic minority groups over the age of 40 to lifelong learning. Thesetarget groups specifically include migrants with a Turkish or former-Yugoslavbackground (AT, DE, FR) and Roma ethnic minorities (SK, RO).In the partner countries of AT, DE, FR, RO, SK, a total of 10 modules from the followingareas are being developed, tested and evaluated with academic support: I. Characterdevelopment (resolving conflict, mental training), II. Sport and fitness (Nordic walking,spinal column gymnastics, cycling, swimming, dancing), III. ICT (radio workshop, digitalphotography, first steps with computers, Web 2.0, weblog and podcasting, video/filmediting, mobile telephones/Internet/e-mail), IV. Art and crafts (jewellery design,needlework, pottery, joinery, painting, sculpture, theatre, music, glass blowing).In a second step, curricula will be developed that can be used transnationally, with theend product taking the form of a manual accompanied by CD-ROM available to trainersand adult education establishments for courses that appeal to disadvantaged learninggroups with special needs. To increase the project’s value and circulation, participantsare producing a range of materials including radio and video clips, bilingual newslettersand a website to support the project. Research networks are compiling academicpublications to circulate knowledge on how these further education measures work.

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