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Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project „adrenalin“ offers young people from the neighbouring countries Germany and Czech Republic the possibility to adress in two intensive weeks the theme „boarders”. We mainly focus on the need for trespassing and trying out boarders which is common to all youth of all nationalities. We research and discuss the “kicks” that young people are looking for, the thus associated experiences, dangers, and perhaps also the positive challenges, that strengthen self-esteem and personal responsibility. Our goals are that the participants become aware about their needs and possible addictions. To widen the perceptions of the body in order to make healthy and life-affirming decisions. We address the themes of allure and danger with methods ranging from “drama in education”, experience-based education to our specially developed method "čojč" (pronounced: tscheutsch), to break down the language barrier between the Czech and German young people which also supplies them with more creative means for communication than the strictly grammar-based one when one learns a new language. Intercultural awareness is trained as the group lives and works together 24hrs, but especially when they work out in mixed-language-nation-groups theatrical scenes that represent and express their experiences of the day passed. The first seven days the group spends together in a self-catering house in the Bohemian Forest, surrounded by green and little other incentives. In this phase the group is getting to know each other and tests out the stimuli arising from the life in the countryside. For example,we takes a walk 20 m above sea level in a high ropes course, spend a day without electricity and a night in open-air. Daily the group will discuss and reflect upon their experiences and in the end process them via theatrical scenes and writing. The subsequent 7 days the group spends in the city of Regensburg, whith the charms and attractions of city life: partying, going to the disco, the cinema – what gives you the "kick" in the city? Do you need energy drinks and pills to last? At this stage we meet also experts from the fields of addiction care, crime, psychology and continue to work on bringing together our impressions in scenes and texts. Finally we finish our "čojč" theatre performance "Thrill" and present it for a young audience (in a Youth Centre or in a disco) followed by a discussion. The positive connection to the neighbouring country, the emergence of deep friendships and the diminishing of language / communication barriers are the long term benefits for the participants, as we have already seen in previous projects of this kind. Still there exist numerous resentments between Germans and Czechs. A goal in each of our čojč projects is to help reduce these. The participants will be 18 German and Czech young people aged between 15 and 25 years, who want to engage in this intensive confrontation. Also we provide two places for young people from a background with social hardships free of charge.
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