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Adıyaman'dan Avrupa'ya Ağ Kuruyoruz: Avrupa'da Server Kurulumu ve Bu Server'a Bağlı Ağın Yönetimi Stajı
Start date: 27 Aug 2016, End date: 26 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The most important values of the companies they own are corporate and commercial data, therefore, companies are making significant investments and innovations in data processing. Because of the vital importance of data security and accessibility for companies, server systems come at the beginning of investments. Server systems are used in important sectors such as finance, health and education. The time and data loss in the server systems can generate a huge amount of work and money loss. Today, because the server systems become very important for the IT sector, the need for qualified technical personnel who can setup the servers and make network connections to the server is increasing. In order to train qualified workforce for the needs of the labor market, vocational training has a great responsibility. But in our region, students graduate from vocational training institutions without gaining the professional competence, so that their vocational qualifications cannot meet the professional expectations of the sector. The reasons are as the following; - deficiencies in the technological equipment of vocational training institutions, - inability to gain professional skills to the students in the companies in which the domestic internships are made, - weak cooperation between educational institutions and businesses. Our School Vocational and Technical High School in Yesilyurt Adiyaman provides education in order to train qualified technical personnel needed by the labor market. However, our school has very limited resources in terms of physical infrastructure and technological equipment. In our school, with regard to the installation server that is the subject of this project, there is no physical infrastructure and technological equipment in order to gain necessary professional qualifications to the Information Technology students. Besides, businesses in which Grade 12 students perform internships works, does not have the capacity to serve on the server installation and network management and they usually have a narrow application areas such as computer maintenance. Due to the very limited field of application of our students, regarding the management server installation and server network which is very important for today's IT industry, our students graduate without gaining necessary vocational qualifications. Therefore, there are quite limited employment opportunities for our students. In our project, It is aimed to give a two-week practical training at European standards to our 36 students who are studying 11 and 12 grade level in the field of vocational training in information technology, in order to gain them professional knowledge, skills and competences about server setup and server connected network management. With this training, they will gain work experience, improve their foreign language skills and acquire qualifications that can take advantage of employment opportunities in the sector. Also this training will strengthen their self-confidence and learning performance, provide personel development, improve their professional motivation, give them the Europeanness consciousness, increase their social integration skills, develop their cultural interaction, enable them to understand the importance of linguistic diversity and increase their staff competence. In the scope of our project, a management team will be established to ensure participation and transparency principles. This management team will share all the planned activities, responsibilities and tasks, will carry out all activities, will sign contracts with all project actors, will ensure the formalization of duties and responsibilities, will provide communication and coordination among hostpartners and our school. On the other hand, with this project, it will be provided for our disabled and disadvantaged participants in training group, to increase their linguistic and personal point of view and their self-confidence and to contribute them to establish a firm foothold in their social life. Through our project with the transfer of innovative practices from Europe, it is expected that our school’s education quality, institutional capacity and awareness of the other institutions about the European Union project will be increased and the modernization will be realized. In the long term, it is also expected from our project that to contribute to supply the qualified technical personnel needs of the IT sector, to contribute to the improvement of the existing problems in our vocational education system, to strengthen the cooperation between the businesses and our school. Mobility activities of the project will be held in our 3 different hosts, It will consist of 3 different flows. Flows will be held simultaneously between 9-23 April 2017 with twelve people participating stundenys groups.
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