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Start date: Jul 28, 2011, End date: Oct 27, 2012 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The preventive and rehabilitation measures of the Day care Centre will be taken at the most early age of children which is the aim of the project. Our choice of the planning activities takes into consideration this peculiarity, that defines their content and aim – amendment of mental and physical deficiency of the children, rehabilitation and integration. For this reason a complex package of services and measures will be applied by the Day care Centre in Etropole, that will be especially created for this purpose. Throught involving local resources – municipal administration, social institutions, pedagogical teams, society the project will help solving physical and mental disabilities and will provide the parents of childen with professional support they need. The establishment of the Day care Centre in Bela Palanka will help overcoming the defficiency of socila services for elderly people in the municipality. The centres will help elderly people to overcome a state of lasting isolation, altered behavior of those people in relation to the surrounding reality, deterioration of their physical and psychic condition. The centre will also help prevent elderly people from the falling into the group of poverty, encountering major difficulties when they try to take advantage of their right for social, health and other state aid /for stimulation of their equal participation in the process of decision making that concerns their problems, as well as for a moral recognition of their constructive roles and contribution to the development of society/. The Day Care Center will create appropriate conditions for a complete daily service for its beneficiaries, like: providing them with health and rehabilitation service, time management and social skills. The Center will work in close cooperation with the municipal state experts, the Social Assistance Department, the general practitioners and the Pensioners Clubs in the region, as well as with the Union of the Invalids in Serbia. Achievements: The project achieved the following results:- Part of the Old Hospital Building in Etropole was reconstructed into a Centre for social integration and rehabilitation of children with disabilities;- Part of the Health House Building in Bela Palanka was rehabilitated into a Daily centre for elderly people. Works supervision was executed during the implementation of construction works. The two centres were supplied with the necessary equipment and furniture;- A common strategy for social services in the municipalities of Etropole and Bela Palanka was elaborated and presented in front of the local stakeholders on both sides of the border;- On-the-spot trainings for 40 specialists in the field of social work from Etropole and Bela Palanka were organized. One was held in Etropole on 4 and 5 of October, 2012, and one in Bela Palanka on 8 and 9 of October, 2012;- Joint official openings of the two newly-created centres were organized. The Daily centre for elderly people was officially opened on 25 of October, 2012, and the Centre for social integration and rehabilitation of children in Etropole – on 28 of October, 2012;

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