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additive manufacturing, adding hightech in education
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our world is changing fast, as well are our economy and production techniques. To stay competitive and environmental friendly, companies design new techniques that can be combined in the name of Material Additive Production Techniques. The most well-known example of such a technique is 3D printing, in all his facets. The ceiling of possibilities in these techniques is far from reached because of the novelty in this area. Every week another application of Additive Manufacturing is published. For technical and vocational schools it is hard to catch up with the tempo of this fast-growing industry. But they have to! Companies need technicians, operators, maintenance people and designers. It is up to the schools to deliver well educated students. This project aims to create several Material Additive Production Techniques designed and created with the fresh ideas of students who will combine research, existing devices and own inputs into a self-created device. This device must be capable to produce products by adding material instead of cutting it away. The students learn during a guided self-learning process where they search for technical information, free-ware controlling and technical drawings. They will be guided and stimulated by the teachers to add their own ideas. The students are proud about the work they achieved, about the brilliant ideas they bring forward and the presence of international competences like linguistic and social skills. They face the knowledge that is required to compete in the work field, but feel more confident and stronger when standing in front of new challenges. To test our project results we take part in a technical contest at the end of the project period. Collaboration, innovation and information exchange are the key words during this contest. We certainly hope to become one of the laureates and the first participating and winning international team. At the end of the project each school disposes of a technical material additive device and a guideline with all information about it. These devices will be used during the next school year to train and challenge the students. The information of the guidelines is available for everyone who is curious to new production techniques. Each partner has to cope with motivated and self-aware students, proud parents and teachers getting loose from their linear career.
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