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Adaptation of Permanent Training Approach for Rural Women Returning to the Labour Market: The Beypazari Model

The goal of the project is to propose an adaptation of the methods, devices, tools and implementation ways of Permanent Vocational Training (PVT) to the needs and characteristics of this group (rural women). It means to propose the best way to use programming and planning of PVT to reach the goal of entering and / or re-entering the labour market, and to adapt the management and methodology of training actions to this group. Together with this, a series of proposals will be centred in the adaptation of vocational guidance tools to this group. In order to achieve this, the project team will study the Beypazari Model as rural development and permanent vocational training for rural women. Then, the goal of the project is to propose, starting with the transnational analysis of the target group and of the current PVT systems, a number of specific methodological adaptations, making reference to programming, planning, managing and development of training activities, as well as vocational guidance.
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