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Ad-hoc PAN and WIreless Sensor SEcure NETwork (AWISSENET)
Start date: Jan 1, 2008, End date: Feb 28, 2010 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Description AWISSENET (Ad-hoc PAN & WIreless Sensor SEcure NETwork)AWISSENET (Ad-hoc personal area network and WIreless Sensor SEcure NETwork) is a project focused on security and resilience across ad-hoc Personal Area Networks (PANs) and wireless sensor networks. AWISSENET motivation is to implement and validate a scalable, secure, trusted networking protocol stack, able to offer self-configuration and secure roaming of data and services over multiple administrative domains and across insecure infrastructures of heterogeneous ad-hoc and wireless tiny sensor networks. AWISSENET optimisations will be extended where applicable from networking up to the applications layer, focusing on three key principles:Discovery, evaluation and selection of trusted routes based on multiple security metrics and key pre-distribution methods. The overall scheme must support secure routing even with disappearing nodes, multiple levels of in-network processing and multiple layers of aggregation. Moreover, to protect the secure routing of information from traffic analysis attacks, the project will research utilisation of dynamic obfuscation of relationships. Secure Service Discovery, providing a network-level security framework, which will protect service discovery messages inside the AWISSENET, when crossing unknown domains or when interacting with public service providers. Intrusion detection, intruder identification and recovery based on distributed trust to provide security against malicious attacks. The AWISSENET results will be packed in an AWISSENET security toolbox, which will enable easy configuration and instant support of Ad-hoc PAN and WIreless Sensor SEcure NETworks. The proposed architecture and protocol toolbox will be prototyped and validated in a large trial of more than 100 sensor nodes. Over this trial, a number of PAN and sensor application scenarios will be validated e.g. disaster recovery and ambient intelligence in environments like industry, home, or roads.
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