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Actualización sociolingüística, cultural, metodológica y de capacitación tecnológica del profesorado para fomentar la movilidad y la promoción laboral de adultos en el marco europeo.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Escuela Oficial de Idiomas of Zamora, a state-funded institution specializing in foreign language teaching for adults, consists of the principal school in Zamora and two dependent schools in the neighbouring towns of Toro and Benavente. Zamora is a periphery province in Spain, with an economy based traditionally on farming and agriculture, which has suffered considerable demographic decline due to the changing economic model of the country and emigration in search of better employment opportunities. Surveys carried out on students on commencement of the academic year produced the following data: -Student type: -Professional currently unemployed -Vocational, pre-university and university students -Members of the teaching profession, specialized language teachers and teachers taking part in CLIL programmes. -Their expectations included improved language competence, digital competence, enhancement of continuing professional development or employability in a European or global framework, and life-long learning skills. *NEEDS ANALYSIS AND OBJECTIVES: Based on this data, the School Management Board, and an ad hoc Professional Development Team launched a needs analysis survey, open to all the teaching staff, and designed to respond to the needs expressed by the students as well as to highlight those of the members of staff. The results indicated the following needs and objectives for teacher training which would enable us to become a reference centre in education, pioneer in the application of new methods in the teaching of languages for adults, and would also contribute to raising standards of excellence and quality in our teaching. 1.UPGRADING: To develop & improve competences: linguistic, intercultural and methodological. 2.DIGITAL COMPETENCE: To learn the use of new digital tools & their application in the classroom. 3.TEACHING SKILLS: To receive training & develop skills as teacher trainers. 4.EUROPEANISATION: To understand the education and work environment of other countries as well as to learn about projects and European documents that may be for personal use or for endorsement among students. To find partnerships with similar European institutions and under future projects (KA2). ACTIVITIES AIMED AT: 1.Upgrading teaching skills and teaching methods for adults: 6 different structured courses (6 participants)/Upgrade of language and intercultural competence to provide relevant teaching which meets our students' needs: 2 different structured courses (2 Ps.) 2.Upgrading and building digital competence. Newest digital tools and their application in the classroom for adults: 4 different structured courses (4 Ps.) 3.Building Teaching skills: 1 structured course on teacher training skills covering design, management and evaluation of courses for teachers (2 Ps.)/ 1 structured course including job shadowing visits to learn about the Finnish education system, and to observe the work of teachers in adult and foreign language teaching, and the work of teachers implementing collaborative teaching and other innovative methodologies, with the latest digital tools. It will also aim at the School Management Board's observation and exchange of experiences related to the management of education centres: 1 structured course (7 Ps.) 4.Better knowledge, management and dissemination of European projects will be gained through completion of the two activities in 3, as well as opportunities for creating partnerships with other European institutions for KA2 projects/1 structured course on specific management and dissemination of KA1 projects (1 P.) *PARTICIPANTS: 8 participants attending 15 activities (none exceeding the maximum period allowed). They are: -Qualified teachers (+ 3 yrs' experience) participating voluntarily -Members of the Professional Development Team and of the Teachers' Work Committee to be developed over the two next years -Curious and eager to meet and adapt to our students' needs and keen to enhance their continuing professional development -Designers of this project after careful investigation of the possibilities for innovation and improvement for our institution *RESULTS, IMPACT & LONG-TERM BENEFITS The skills and compentencies gained will contribute to the upgrade of the participants' professional profile and to meeting the needs of our students, and of the rest of our teaching staff through: -the dissemination to the teaching staff in seminars and workshops -direct and distant teaching to our students (approx. 1500) -specific workshops designed to build language and cultural-related work skills and foster employability -the improvement of teaching skills for students in the teaching profession It will affect our teaching community locally, regionally and nationwide through: -Dissemination in already existing platforms -Teacher-training courses alongside the official agency for Teaching Innovation *LONG-TERM & SUSTAINABILITY: Potential European partners & European Language Label.

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