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Activista - give global youths the tools to end hunger
Start date: Sep 1, 2011,

The overall goal is to empower youths to become active citizens and dri\ifeFS,.Bf{Change and contribute to strengthening and capacity-building of a strong, sustainable civil society youth'network ensuring that youths participate and the voices of youths are heard. The objectives include training 880 youth volunteers and activists in collective and individual action competencies, information skills and mobilisation of youths in relation to campaigns on global issues affecting youths, like the current global hunger scandal, inclusion of poor and rural youths in the network and creation of strong linkages between socially, culturally and economically diverse youths - ensuring continued dialogue, inspiration, exchange of experience and cooperationThe objectives will be achieved through an ambitious capacity-building strategy, where 880 youth volunteers and activist in total will receive training in collective and individual action competencies. 50 selected youths - 10 from the European partners and 40 from the African and Asian partners - will be trained as educators.The 4 month education for the south countries is non-formal and will provide the youths with the tools to organise and mobilise people to do advocacy - as well as the tools to teach it to other youths. Each of the 40 facilitators from the African and Asian partners will return home and train 20 youth leaders in step-down trainings in their home countries. The 10 European facilitators will altogether train a minimum of 30 youth leaders in Europe. The participants from Africa and Asia will have their expenses covered by the project, and their transport expenses covered by their national Activista network. Their participation is as collective investment on behalf of the entire national network, therefore they will be highly obliged on engaging themselves afterwards, doing step-down trainings for youth leaders, taking responsibility in national campaigns etc. The youths from Europe pay a substantial part of their expenses themselves, including transportation, therefore doing step-down trainings is entirely voluntarily.The training of educators will take place on our Global Platforms (training facilities) in Nepal, Kenya and Denmark. The primary target group is youths in the age of 15-25 recruited from the project partners' (cf. part 111 F) national Activista networks and their partners. An equal selection of women and men will be prioritised as well as inclusion of urban and rural, rich and poor, youths. Many of the participants will be youths who are struggling with hunger and poverty themselves, and all will be interested in taking responsibility and creating positive changes for themselves and theirsociety.The methodology of the trainings is based on the principle of learning by doing. The participants will not only learn about advocacy and campaigning - they will also lead each other in actually doing advocacy and campaigning. The trainings are-focused on the issue of the global hunger problem, which will be the same for all the trainings, but according to the local needs, the case will be adjusted to the local contextThis methodology will result in innvoative and powerful campaigns,
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