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Active Youth Solve Problem of Violent Loverelation
Start date: Mar 1, 2013,

Applicant: NGO Prima, www.nvoprima.orgProject name: Active Youth Solving the Problem of Violent Love-relationshipsExchange dates: 22. – 29. April 2013. (8 days + travel days)Venue: Budva, Montenegro. Countries: Montenegro as applicant; Macedonia, Turkey, Latvia and Italy as promoters. Participants will be 17 - 25 years old, 5 from each country:1 group leader + 4 young participants - 25 in total.Theme of this project is violence among teenage and young partners in their love-relationships: from emotional pressure to physical and sexual maltreatment. Topics: 1. Love and its meaning; 2. Friendship VS. love-relationship; 3. Peer love-relationship VS age gap; 4. Violence in relationships: meaning, causes and types; 5. Jealousy and emotional violence; 6. Physical and sexual violence in youth love; 7. Where to find support and proper solution; 8. What we can do support and help to our peers in case of violent love-relationship? 9. Services for prevention and support in cases of violent love-relationship in different countries.Objectives: to exchange experiences and attitudes about subject; to increase knowledge about behavior which youth usually doesn't see as violence; to compare sensitiveness on violence in love-relationships of youngsters from SEE and EU; to exchange examples of good practice in field of prevention and struggle against violence in love-relationships of youth; to define where is the point when sweet love becomes better; to make non-formal youth group which will spread experience from this exchange in their local communities and initiate implementation of good practices from other countries; to activate youth in solving the problem of violent relationships; to increase sense of value of nonviolent love and relationships as contribution to European citizenship and freedom.Applicant has hosting role. We'll implement methods of non-formal learning: workshops,PP presentations, role-play, debates,forum-theatre,energizers, outdoor activities, sports.
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