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Start date: 01 Dec 2012,

This EVS project with partner Countries of the World involves Italy and Bolivia and has been created on the main themes of disability and inclusion of the so called "special children" hosted at Casa del Almendro Foundation, in Santa Cruz (hosting organisation/venue). 2 Italian volunteers will manage for 10 months and 2 weeks several tasks (mainly recreational and educational initiatives) to support the professionals of the foundation during their work within the preschool and school classrooms (aged 0-8 and 9-12), and the "guarderia" (after school with artistic workshops). Beside the normal duties concerning the development of the courses, volunteers will also be invited to actively participate to the initiatives ideation and implementation using their imagination in order to find and plan any new service that could be of greater help for the foundation, its guests, and students. The present EVS project, in fact, aims at stimulating youth to take action in their lives, discovering their skills and competencies, and putting them at the service of people who need it. These new ideas to be developed will surely have to follow the same general objectives of the project: contribution to fostering mutual discovery and understanding among disadvantaged children and “regular” students, and fight against exclusion and discrimination. This aspect will be dealt also through activities related to the empowerment of young mothers and families in great difficulties due to their children’s serious disabilities. Truly important is also to promote the foundation’s visibility: researching new possible partnerships or funding and donation programmes could be other tasks carried out by the volunteers during the project. Youth will work jointly with the various operators at the foundation, gaining the necessary experience to be able to soon work with a certain degree of autonomy. The training will be perpetrated due to non formal learning and learning by doing methodologies.
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