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Active Role for Woman in Anatolia and Regions of Europe

The partnership project AWARE aims to make women benefit greatly from the female friendship and mentoring networks local, national, and European levels that they acquire during their studies and also have positive attitude towards different cultures. This will be realized as a learning partnership between countries from Europe. During this partnership we will organize seminars; about women legal rights, women, city, participation ...etc. and workshops about using internet, art &craft …etc. to encourage women to gain social resilience, self-esteem, to have an active role in every fields of city life. The partnership will last 2 years. Our partners are from Turkey, Greece and Lithuania . Each of them is having a very well known role in the project. It will be coordinated by Turkey. Working on women issues in each partner country, collecting training materials for activities and exchanging all the studies and good products between the partner countries we will create fruitful cooperative partnership between the participating institutions in the European framework; we will try to contribute to “women” matter solutions.
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