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Active Model For Improvement and Self Learning

This project addresses the development of a model aimed at recognizing and enhancingthe value of informal learnings of the multipliers who work in the field of the educationand assistance services for older people. With this core aim, the model addresses thescope for the services to improve their activities, their self-evaluation with methodologiesand indicators that emerge from the daily practice, and rein-forcing the competences ofthe multipliers through assisted self-training. This project is based on two theoreticalapproaches: social pedagogy and cooperative learning. The first one adopts thedifferent elements that take a part in the pedagogy of people and the environmental andsocial factors as educational principles. The cooperative learning is based on theseelements and provides a training strategy planned for learning and problem solving,bringing together individual action and group responsibilities.The following products will be developed by the project partners from Italy, Greece,Portugal, Czech Republic: action-research; a methodology kit related to the identifcationof the training needs of multipliers who provide education and assistance to olderpeople; a self-evaluation tool to identify the competences acquired by the workers; aself-evaluation tool for the services; related tools and guidelines. The products will bemade available on the project web-site
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