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Active inclusion of ethnic minority women

The AIEMW project focuses on the integration of ethnic minority women in social lifeand the economy by making the most of the competences and educational experienceacquired prior to migration. As the proportion of non-nationals in the population of EUMember States increases, ethnic migrant women represent a potential counterbalanceto an ageing population, to meet labour shortages and to contribute to social cohesion.Although the project targets one major group, taking into account the regional aspects ofmigration in the countries involved in the project, each partner will develop a differentapproach, building the project on diversity and exchange of education experience.Ultimately the AIEMW project aims at increasing learning opportunity for ethnic minoritywomen, contributing to social cohesion, gender equality, and motivating the target groupto become consumers of education.The objectives of the project are:-to evaluate the skills and competences of the target group increasing their self-esteemand making them responsible of their personal education process;-to identify in each partner location barriers to integration of ethnic minority women,difficulties faced by the target group, their cultural, linguistic and knowledge needs andcommon interests;-to develop motivational learning material to improve personal development, keycompetences, general knowledge and work sustainability;-to create a platform aimed at the target audience, the evaluation and discussion tooland practitioners and policy and the practise exchange tool for professionaldevelopment;-to ensure that at all stages the target group is engaged in the design, implementation,evaluation and dissemination of materials;- to create an integrated strategy of dissemination of results, practice andmethodologies regarding lifelong learning for migrant women
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