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Active European Seniors for Active European Citizenchip - Awareness, Training, Empowerment, Participation

Although promoted by the EU Commission, Active European Citizenship (AEC) is afrustrating field:• the general attitude is “negative” in many countries• in all EU countries, participation in democratic elections, volunteer work and socialengagement is decreasing• some social groups are resistant to the EU and concepts of AEC• One of these is senior citizens, as they:• were exposed for a long period to other political and social concepts• feel less included in political and social decision-making processes• are less addressed by information campaigns introducing the EU and AEC• feel excluded from the advantages that the EU provides and feel they suffer more fromdisadvantagesHowever, it is critically important to motivate senior citizens to care about the EU and itsvalues and to contribute to EU Citizenship because they:are the only growing social group with a large degree of political power at all levelsinfluence the opinion of others and are responsible for the transfer of attitudes (e.g. infamily learning situations)have the engagement and the experience that is needed to keep political and socialstructures working.Therefore, the main outcomes of this project will be:• a training concept and modular course in EN, DE, DK, ES, IT, RO and SI, designed tointroduce senior citizens (60+) to the concept of AEC and to empower them tocontribute to AEC.• the implementation of pilot training in each partner country.• 4 applications designed and developed by the national pilot training groups dealingwith AEC and senior citizens; these projects will be partly developed during the pilotsand submitted to the 2010 call for proposals of the “Europe for Citizens” (Action 1-4)Programme• a Green Paper including analyses and recommendations dedicated to politicaldecision-makers responsible for the design and structure of EU funds dealing with AEC,to make them more accessible for senior citizens• a wide range of dissemination materials and activitiesThe expected impacts are to:• raise awareness and positive attitudes towards the EU and its values as well as towardAEC amongst senior citizens• make learning about the EU more accessible and understandable for senior citizens• empower senior citizens to participate pro-actively at AEC• open AEC processes and programmes to the special needs, demands and interests ofsenior citizens, to encourage their contributions, engagement, experience andknowledge• to set up a transnational network which addresses the topic of AEC for senior citizensin the long-term.
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