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Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Research and statistics estimate that insufficient physical activity and poor eating habits lead to a gradual impairment of health of EU citizens. A manifestation of this phenomenon is a very high percentage of cases of diabetes (this applies to young people), congestive heart failure and disorders of the cardiovascular system and other organs. he reason for this is obesity. Obesity is a chronic disease that nowadays is becoming a social disease! It is caused by an oversupply of energy contained in foods in relation to the needs of the body, which results in storing excess as fat. Obesity is a disease that requires treatment under medical supervision, preferably bariatric. Usually, weight reduction only by proper diet and physical activity without specialist support is no longer possible. Diabetes, varicose veins, stroke, cardiovascular problems and even mental disorders are largely derivative of obesity, and this is slowly becoming a "plague" in the EU. The scary thing is that a very high percentage of people from the twenties to the problems of overweight and obesity. The deepening of the problem of young people is the lack of role models and fashion for a healthy and active lifestyle in your place of residence - especially when they are small towns and villages, makes them often "no chance". Obesity and the associated stress in young people is a harmful process that leads to anxiety, guilt, fatalism and defeatism, low self-esteem increases and an inability to creative use of available time. The aim of the seminar is to seek new roles for NGOs in the context of the dissemination and promotion of active and healthy lifestyle, the gain (or develop) the fashion for such behavior, providing young people with information (in the range of healthy eating habits and the need for physical activity into everyday life) spreading good practice, combining the results of the projects and participate in seminars with the obvious goal of increasing the pool of partners for future cooperation, develop networks and as a end result reliable, international cooperation organizations at various levels. We believe that this proposal combines a number of benefits and strengthens the objectives of the program ERAZMUS +, while promoting a set of topics discussed. The project will be implemented within 09 - 05/17/2015. The project will be attended by 36 participants from EU countries - 14 youth organizations. In total, the project we have representatives of 10 countries (Poland, Latvia, Greece, Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Spain, Lithuania, Romania, UK), which will allow for accurate study of statistical data and in-depth analysis of the issues of the project. This ensures cross-section of participants to discuss global problems and draw appropriate conclusions. According to the latest research in Poland, 61% of men weigh too much (45% were overweight, 17% obese), and the population of adult women are overweight or obese increased by 19 percentage points in the last 10 years. Nearly 45% of women weigh too much (30% are overweight and 15% obese). In the last ten years has shifted to the age limit of people with excess body weight, well-established, inadequate eating habits. Commonly, this problem begins to affect people under 35 years of age. Participants of the project are youth workers and youth leaders. The project will be mainly in the form of workshops, but the topics discussed will also be lectures and panel discussions, presentations prepared by participants, interactive discussion and exchange of experiences. A comparative analysis will be applied to the accumulated material required to draw conclusions and develop methods of strategic partnerships for future activities of the organization. After this project, we expect to: - Promote active citizenship among young people we work with; - The development of solidarity, tolerance and mutual understanding among young people from different countries; - Overcoming distrust of cultural differences and individual differences; - The creation of new partnerships and networks to strengthen and deepen cooperation with existing partners; - Exchange of good practices, - Know the ways and methods of activating youth groups, - Sharing the results of the project worked out with the local community in their countries, in circles close to the activities of individual organizations and for this purpose we will use a variety of tools: television, magazines, radio, Internet, talks, - Publicity of the effects of our research and thoughts as well known and proven methods in school environments (which mostly based partner organizations).
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