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Activate yourself! ( youth with ASD in action for their future and rights)
Start date: Oct 1, 2011,

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are the most complex disability conditions which affect individuals in three main fields: social communication, interaction and flexibility of mind. Due to the nature of condition, people with ASD have difficulties in terms of being active in advocating their fundamental rights.The project aims4 to stimulate active participation of young people with ASD, empower them as active citizens, make them aware of their role in creating their own future and promote their equal rights and opportunities. Based on the experience from UK5, our purpose is to make young people with ASD worldwide speak out and improve their status, following the principle "nothing about us without us".To reach the mentioned goals the project includes the following activities:- International survey (demographic data, challenges and inclusion of young people with ASD)- Active citizenship activities (Youth ASD support clubs, round tables, press conferences, handbook on active citizenship and campaigning, international Youth Conference in Beijing China)- Awareness campaign (awareness video, press releases, invitations to media, publishing articles)- Youth Camp with Final conference (at least 50 young people with ASD will actively participate in cultural activities, present talents, potentials, express personal stories, challenges and future wishes)- Delivery of Announcement of world autism strategy for youth with ASD of young people with ASD to United Nations on 2nd April 2012 (World Autism Awareness Day) with a purpose to alert the global audience about autism and challenges young people with ASD have to overcome- World Autism Strategy (directives for young people with ASD will be prepared by the end of the project and. presented to public authorities)The project will last for 1 year and will take place in all project partners' countries, with peak events in China (Youth Conference) and Slovenia (Youth Camp with Final Conference) and includes 9 partners6.Outputs in the project: international survey, visual supported handbook on active citizenship and campaigning, Announcement of world autism strategy for youth with ASD, World Autism Strategy, 2 international conferences in China and in Slovenia, Youth Camp, project web page, promotion material.The project will be supported by worldwide awareness raising campaign to inform the general, expert public and decision makers about equal rights and opportunities of people with ASD.Envisaged impact of the project is the empowerment and more active participation of young people with ASD, better understanding of their needs and developing the long-term strategies and policies for better quality of their life.

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