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Activate the European civic engagement!
Start date: Jan 1, 2016, End date: Apr 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project “Activate the European civic engagement!” consists of 4 activities, which will take place in Germany and Moldova. They all aim at providing new impulses and further qualification for the change makers and facilitators in the youth work and in the democratic citizenship education as well as at strengthening capacities of the youth workers and the organisations they work in within and outside Europe.1. European voluntary service in the MitOst Association officeEVS aims at providing 6 young people with fewer opportunities from Slovenia, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and Russia the possibility to get a first-hand experience with youth work on the international level, play an active role in it as well to improve their chances on the labor market. The volunteers are going to support MitOst e.V. in the departments of Active citizenship and Cultural exchange. Through various tasks and helping with organisation of events and projects, the volunteers will get an insight in the non-formal citizenship education programs and structures of youth work in Europe and other countries. Besides that, each volunteer will have his or her own topic and field to learn more, as well as an opportunity to develop a personal project.2. Focus seminar for intermediate facilitators: 6.-12. February 2016, Germany for 27 participants from 11 countries.This event provides youth workers and facilitators in the field of non-formal democratic citizenship education with the opportunity to improve their competencies as well to give space for their self-reflection of their own work as facilitators. The event creates a space to work on innovative approaches in facilitation, as well as exchange with other peer-facilitators.3. International training for new facilitators “Inspiring facilitation: How to motivate young people to become active citizens”, 6-14. February 2016, Germany for 31 participants from 12 countries.At the basic training, active young people with experience in the field of social engagement will learn how to facilitate trainings that empower and motivate their peers from rural and urban areas to become active in their community and society. This activity will provide them with deeper understanding of non-formal value-based citizenship education and will equip them with creative methods for organizing non-formal educational events for youth, knowledge on how to structure sessions and program of event to reach the learning goals, how to deal with diversity in learning in intercultural environment. Most importantly, the participants will get a real life experience in facilitation and receive feedback from experts and peers.4.Forum for innovative and interdisciplinary approaches for youth work: 22.-26. June 2016, Rep. Moldova. The 4 days forum for youth workers and programme coordinators from the field of youth work from EU as well as non-EU countries aims at identifying the actual trends and innovative approaches in the youth work, potential for further strategic development and exchanging expertise and best practices. The agenda of the this activity is based on the burning open questions and proposals expressed by the partner organizations in the field of youth work, non-formal democratic citizenship education, empowerment of the youth workers and strengthening organizational capacities of youth organizations. Within the forum, various non-formal education methods, such as field visits to local organisations, market of methods and ideas, peer workshops and peer problem-solving sessions will be applied.The result of the project will be an extended qualified and diversity-sensitive pool of new trainers in the field of democratic citizenship education, competent pool of intermediate facilitators with deep insight into educational goal setting and their evaluation, and strengthened network of providers of non-formal educational programs in various countries with more capacities, empowerment and stronger organisations responsive to the interests and needs of youth from diverse communities. Envisaged long term benefit of the project is higher quality non-formal citizenship education for more young people within and outside Europe that reflects their actual needs and is able to adapt to the changing societies.
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