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Actions for Training and Internships in COmpanies
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"A.T.I.CO. - Actions for Training and Internships in COmpanies" is a mobility project addressed to 50 young people high school graduates, within 12 months from graduation, available on the labor market (unemployed/ unoccupied) and residents in the Region of Calabria, which at the date of publication of the call, are in possession of the following requirements: Italian citizenship, have full civil and political rights, being unemployed / unoccupied, graduated from an Institute of Higher Secondary Education, in one of each sectors: “Tourism” and “Services for Enogastronomy and Hotel hospitality”; knowledge of the language used in the country of destination selected. The main objectives of the project are: address the lack of practical skills and operational disciplines studied; improve analytical skills, problem solving and communication; improve and perfect the skills and knowledge of languages; improve the skills and enrich their culture; promote a model of job training on the field that starts from the empirical basis of the training needs of local production; improve the transparency and recognition of qualifications and skills; encourage the learning of modern foreign languages with special reference to micro-languages; facilitate the matching between demand and supply of labor, also in view of the development of the European labor market. In addition to professional objectives, among the common needs has occurred the need for many young people to make life experiences away from the protective family context, from which, today, more and more is often found difficult to move away also because of external conditions are perceived as hostile due to of the high costs and the mistrust triggered by the increase of youth unemployment in Italy and Europe in particular with regard to the age group between 15 and 24 years; the project, also, will promote the development of the ability to "adaptation" to the work context and to new realities and, therefore, will help improve the "predisposition to change", essential, now more than ever, in any work environment. The achievement of the objectives enunciated above be assured, besides the experience of the members of the Consortium, also by the criteria with which receiving organizations were selected, carried out with due consideration, on the one hand, the learning needs of the participants, on the other hand, the reliability of the same and the quality of traineeships and mentoring that are able to guarantee. The younger generation already in possession of a technical training necessary to revive the local economy will be better equipped, through participation in the mobility experience offered by the project A.T.ICO. if funded, to contribute actively to the construction of paths of economic development within the territory, avoid to lose energy and skills. ATICO SCaRL, therefore, in agreement with the other partners, will strive to create a database with the curricula of trainees, which will be made available to companies. In order to ensure further the quality of the program, will be provided to trainees, once back in Italy, the opportunity to publish opinions and feedback, about the experience conducted, on the portal specially created for the initiative. The project will, therefore, able to ensure impact on the area from two different points of view: that of participants, which will increase their employment opportunities, and that of the local economy, which can make use of highly qualified human resources, able to make in company practices and processes for success (best practices) that trainees will have learned during the internship abroad. The project will run for 24 months (from July 2015 to June 2017) and the phase of mobility will be implemented in the following countries: UK, Spain, Malta. Each internship have a duration of 120 days, this time period is necessary to ensure to trainees a complete professional experience to enable an enrichment from a personal perspective

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